1). Lahori Paya
Paya is one of the most well known dish of Lahore .With right amount of spices ,you can enjoy Paya with Naan which is a perfect combo for your breakfast. One of the reason why Paya is famous in Lahore is due to “Phaja kay Paya”. It is one of the oldeat Paya shop in inner Lahore and is well known for its quality and taste .

2. Butt karahi
Located on Meclod Road, Butt Karahi is one the most famous places visited in Lahore .It is a local Dhaba style resturant which presents its visiter food with quality and taste .

3. Halwa Puri

It is the breakfast for the Lahoris and most famous for this is “Taj Puri Wala”. What make it special is the historic view that you can enjoy while having your breakfast.

4.Fiqah Ki Lasi
It is the well known Lassi place in Lahore and that one has to definately be a try if you visit Lahore. No matter at what time of the day you have it will turn you on. The most interesting fact is that with dood -dahi wali lassi they offer Pera wali Lasi .

5.Nisbat Gol Gappay
It is the taste in my view no one can beat . The crispy gappas full of Channas and masala with a nice khatta ,mitha pani make the dish so much flavorsome.

Nihari is one the famous dishes in Pakistan.In Lahore Muhammadi Nihari is top providing with freshly served naans. Dish along Paya is perfect breakfast on Sunday Morning .And when it time to have Nihari one cannot leave Lahore without Muhammadi Nihari.

7.Amritsari Hareesa
Haressa Also known as step sister of haleem,it is bit different from haleem. It is located at Nisbat Road ,Near Lakshmi Chowk ,it is the finest place for having haressa that leaves you with craving for some more .

8.Lahori Charga

The most scrumptious Charga is avalible in Lahore at Lakshmi Chowk. With right amount of spices Charga is perfectly cooked and presented with a combination of naans ..


Most Famous Kheer spot is at Lakshmi Chowk .With most delicious charga to delicious kheer one cannot resist milky delight with perfect amount of sweetness.

Nothing is better than Fish isnt it:
Bashir Darul Mahi Provides one of the best mouthwatering delights that are fish .It is located at Mazang Chungi near Muhammadi Nihari .It is one of the most crowded places in chilly winter nights.


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