Balochistan is the largest province of pakistan .It is in the south western region of the country . the land of balochistan is not fertile like punjab and sindh it has very rug landscape but full with natural resources . balochistan sui area is providing natural gas to almost all pakistan .The capital and largest city of balochistan is Quetta .balochistan share its border with afghanistan and iran . the importance of balochistan is further increase because of cpec due to this the development of roads has increased very much .most of the people in balochistan are muslims and the culture of balochistan very unique which increase the beauty of balochistan . balochistan is also a tourist spot because of its beautiful areas like ziarat and government is fully trying to develop tourism in balochistan . balochistan is also famous for its dry fruit and apples . balochistan produce an export qualities of dry fruit . balochistan has different type of mountain ranges some of them are suliman range toba kakkar range and kittar range . now a days the federal, provincial and the insitutaion of pakistan is trying their best to develop balochistan .many of the new schools and collages has opened in balochistan in previous years . the future gnerations of pakistan will a develop balochistan inshallah .PAKISTAN ZINDABAD


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