The Himalayan Climber Elisabeth Revol’s peaceful response in Pakistan

The Himalayan Elisabeth Revol was rescued earlier this year. She had just completed the winter climb of the Nanga Parbat, a peak of more than 8,000m located in Pakistan. His mate, Tomek Mackiewicz, could not be recovered. Suffering, he had been abandoned on the mountain he had conquered.

While hot had thought to read some form of anger of Elizabeth Revol to Pakistan and the lack of organization of its relief, the French has delivered in recent days a more peaceful version to the world of the Pakistani mountain and in particular at his Alpine Club and his government.

The letter from Elisabeth Revol
In her letter written in English, she thanked all the efforts that had been made on the Pakistani side to help her help. She particularly thanks the pilots of helicopters, her local agency or the French embassies in Islamabad and Pakistani in Paris. In the last paragraph, she points the finger at the French media.

“I deeply regret the hurtful remarks that were made when I was sinking into emotional abyss (…) but I regret even more the rush of French media during and after the rescue, which see the mountain only in what it has a sensational, always ready to make the buzz.

Nanga Parbat

In the past weeks, voices had risen in France to relay a strong feeling in Pakistan after this affair. Several players in the mountain world of Pakistan had been hurt by the way Elizabeth Revol, through the media, had mentioned their country. A relative of the Embassy of Pakistan in Paris recently confirmed that now, following the letter above, all this history was in the past.

Credits: Letter: © Pakistan Mountain News | Photo © Nanga Light, Elisabeth Revol
Source: Altitude.News



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