2 Kanal Most Beautiful House 🏡 in Pakistan with modern interior

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2 Kanal Most Beautiful house design in Pakistan bahria town Lahore. We apply modern interior design like, fall ceiling, flooring tiles, wall paper, Modular kitchen,stair, Italian washroom etc.

2 Kanal houses 🏘 design in Pakistan

2 Kanal house 🏡 design and plan

2 Kanal house interior

2 Kanal luxurious house 🏡 design

Modular kitchen design

Attractive fall ceiling design

Flooring tiles design

Stair design ideas

Interior design ideas

Modular kitchen design ideas

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Home decorating ideas

Front elevation design

House front design

Kitchen cabinets design

Wardrobes design

Italian washroom design

2 Kanal house for sale

2 Kanal house plan

2 Kanal house drawing

Ahmad interior design
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21 thoughts on “2 Kanal Most Beautiful House 🏡 in Pakistan with modern interior”

  1. Does it have a swimming pool? How much is the price? Do you accept installments? Mujhe ye Ghar behadd pasand Aya hai.

  2. Z- A says:

    Boht gich pich hai safaiyan he krty rho hr waqt🤪

  3. Usman Shoukat
    Irfan swimming pool co Lahore

  4. ماشاءالله بہت اچھا گھر ہے 🏠

  5. This house must be near 12 karor Pak.Rs.

  6. I love these 2 beds in drawing ( room ) area !

  7. Yr full vdo bnao is ki

  8. asim riaz says:

    Aisi to masjid bana daitay to Allah is se karoron darjay bahtar mahal jannat me ata kar daita….khush rahyay

  9. Can u provide complete plan of this house.
    Thanks in advance frm india

  10. اگر ایک کروڑ روپے فروخت کر سکتے ہیں ۔آپ میرے ساتھ رابطہ کر سکتے ہیں ۔

  11. faizi khan says:

    Price kiya hi bhai is ki

  12. Can the floor plan be provided?

  13. kindly give complete info as dimension, covered area, and price.
    its all what people want and they will definitely like share your video then.

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