A beautiful Talent from Hunza , Pakistan !!!

A beautiful Talent from Hunza , Pakistan !!!

It is hard to expect this deep and meaningful poetry from a 14 year old girl in this era of modern technology, where all kids are busy on gadgets. She has no idea what a gem of talent she is gifted with. That’s Nisha from Hunza, Pakistan. I met her on my recent visit to Hunza, I got to know that she writes poetry so I requested her if I can get to read it. She was shy at first but then she let me read it. I was truly inspired by her understanding and observation of her surroundings and people that she expressed in her poetry.
I convinced her to make a video and I am glad she let me do it. You never know who and where will some one get inspire and take a step in doing what they like doing.
It is really important to encourage kids if they are good at something. Encourage them and motivate them if you can and see the good changes in generation!!!
Courtesy : Nurani Barkat Ali Quttoshi


6 thoughts on “A beautiful Talent from Hunza , Pakistan !!!”

  1. She is wonderful…β™‘

  2. Amazing poem and voice πŸ‘

  3. Amazing and emerging talent and intellect

  4. Meena says:

    Waoo so nice poetry and voice πŸ‘πŸ˜†MashAllah

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