Anwar(2007){HD} – Siddharth Koirala | Nauheed Cyrusi – Superhit Hindi Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

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Movie Starts at 00:56

An artist Anwar is mistaken for a terrorist and what follows is a mirror image of the present Indian condition. The main characters a rabble rousing minister two journalists trying to redeem their careers and in the process their lives a priest who wants to preserve the status quo and a senior police officer who wants desperately to leave this place but cannot unless he closes this case each try to engineer the situation to their benefit playing out their hopes and desires on Anwar. Through them and the stories involving them Anwar finds a pulsating love a love plastered against the throbbing canvas that is India.

Download the app now and share it with all the asli fans a missed call on 18002665151


21 thoughts on “Anwar(2007){HD} – Siddharth Koirala | Nauheed Cyrusi – Superhit Hindi Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)”

  1. Ye movie andhbhakto ko dekhna chahiye
    Khas kr unhe jo hmesa bhgwan sree ram ka naam lekr raam ko bdnaam krte h jo ki is movie k us PANDEY ki trh h jo hkikat me kuch ni hota
    Or ye political log apne fayde k lie kisi ki v jaan le skte h
    I hate
    I hate this kind of mindset people.

  2. Mene yh movie sirf mola mola sing k karan dekhi h mast movie h

  3. I couldn't help myself from crying after watching this cinema… :'(

  4. I watched this movie 06/04/2020

  5. It's really a different movie . True love is never completed

  6. Wow!
    For a decade I wanted to watch this movie.
    Reason : Maula mere maula
    I didn't like this movie,very slow phase,so many unnecessary scenes,poor writing.
    It could have been MUTCH Better

  7. Bhai rula diya is movi ne very nice movi

  8. Pasha telling about dipti..but the background music❤❤❤

  9. Renu Yadav says:

    aisa lgta hai thoda luft thoda pyaar movie ki cast ko isi movie se inspire hokr liya hoga , mostly wahi actors hai #thodaluftthodapyaar

  10. Movie was released in 2007…. What a statement at 27:00

    Yeh log gareebi & bhukhmari ke khilaaf nahi lad sakte isliye Muslims ko Target krte hai…. Taaki dhyan palat sake…

    It's 2020… Politics is same even worst…. These so called.andhbhakts & chaddidar always target Muslims

  11. 11:35 Rss aur bjp wale har jagah gandgi aur nafrat failaate hai..

  12. s k s k says:

    Song maola mere maola good song

  13. Dark Devil says:

    @43:30 The reason why i am Here😊

  14. Just only for modern lifestyle girls betrayed to real love.. mehru is one of this movie

  15. Amit Pal says:

    2:04:21 the same dialogue my gf says 2 me when she leave me due to his rich husband (1.5 करोड़)

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