Ask Chinese about Pakistan|What Chinese think of Pakistan and Pakistani |Street Interview|100% real

Hey , Chinesevid today topic is Ask Chinese about Pakistan|What do Chinese think of Pakistan and Pakistani.Watch to know their thoughts and tell me yours in the comments section below ↓. Let’s get this video to 4000 Likes ❤️👊🏽.We will present real Chinese thoughts about Other countries!What Chinese think of Japanese is coming soon!
#The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of chinesevid or the general chinese population#
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20 thoughts on “Ask Chinese about Pakistan|What Chinese think of Pakistan and Pakistani |Street Interview|100% real”

  1. C WORLD says:

    Once upon a time met a chinese boy In islamabad I am very glad to meet him

  2. Let me tell you the reality:
    China is paying high loans to pakistan; and if pakistan is unable to return the loan so china will conquer pakistan
    I am from Pakistan and this is the reality

  3. love for Chinese people from Pakistan 💞💗

  4. But you hate Philippines ??? Lols

  5. How many INDIANS here……

  6. Amin Khan says:


  7. pakistani people are more warm and welcoming than chinese people.

  8. Love china from pakistan chinese are our brothers and china and pakistan are one country

  9. C.G Gong says:

    Pakistan is the best friend in the hearts of the Chinese. However, we sincerely hope that they can develop better and be richer. Because of different religious and political systems, the Pakistani government is more cautious. Their government occasionally restricts huge investments from China, which we Chinese can all understand and accept.

    Although we Chinese rarely have religious beliefs, we only believe in our 5000-year-old culture, because culture gives us strength rather than religion. Our culture is very inclusive, so we do not exclude any religion.

    As far as I know, some people in the Pakistani government are close to the United States, and some are close to China. In fact, the Chinese government is not aggressive and hopes to cooperate with other governments.

    Finally, I hope Pakistan will realize the national industrial modernization as soon as possible. It is hoped that Pakistan and China will cooperate in the future in high-speed rail, subway, port, nuclear power plant, infrastructure, 5G, Internet, big data, aircraft manufacturing, military and other aspects.

    China is very eager to connect from the southern port of Pakistan to the mainland of China, which seems to have been achieved.

  10. jasia says:

    M from Pakistan!china is our gd frnd❤love from Pakistan ❤

  11. Long live pak china friendship
    From Pakistan

  12. Love China and south Korea 😘😘😘

  13. Atika Ali says:

    We Pakistani always love china they are our best friend ever

  14. Gamer x says:

    Its Pakistan not pachistan

  15. What do they think of India?

  16. Long live China
    Long live Pakistan
    China paindabad

  17. Pak s our enemy but some people r our friends but it's politics we hate

  18. I love china and Pakistan friendship

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