Basho Valley | The Most Beautiful Valley in Baltistan Pakistan

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Hello friends, while you are staying at home here is my long awaited blog from basho valley, the most beautiful valley in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Stay Home Stay Safe


The Basho Valley, with its hot springs, is one of favorite places to visit. It receives very few foreign visitors each year, with a handful of trekkers and climbers crossing the Haramosh while traversing up the Chomo Lungma (glacier).

A 3 hour drive up from Skardu brings travelers to upper Shigar ValIey’s, Basho Valley. At this point, the Shigar Valley is perhaps 10 or more kilometers across. Traversing the valley, at the south bank of the Basha River is the extended village Tisar. There is a police check-point just before entering Tisar. Only very few foreigners travel up this valley. About 6 kilometers to the northwest and up the river is the small village of Chutran.

The name literally means “hot water” in the local Balti tongue. In Chutran, there is a medicinal hot springs. Over the decades, the spa has become popular with the local people, who are even coming from beyond Hunza (15 hours by road) to soak in the 40-plus degree Celsius water. Nestled at the base of the northeast side of the Haramosh Range, Chutron is partially shaded and thereby relatively cool. Its scalloped terraced wheat fields are intercrossed by footpaths and stone field boundaries, all of which conspire to provide beautifully pastoral views and retains a primitive charm, seemingly stuck in in the 19th century.

The village of Hemaesil is about 35 to 45 minutes by Jeep up the Basha River, just across a gushing stream from Chutron. On the opposite side of the river is Dogoro. Just upriver from Niaslo is Doko, where an ancient bridge that is some times impassable.


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