Beautiful Big Kites In the sky of Pakistan

How to Fly Big (Guda) Kites in Pakistan and India, Asia ?
We Pakistani want safe basant ( Kite Festival ) in Pakistan from Imran Khan as we elected him for safe basant, and Kite Festival brings tourism in Pakistan!
Beautiful colorful Big Kites Guda In the sky of Pakistan.
Famous cultural festival in Pak-Indo cities.
we can accept safety measurements and we people of Pakistan should also do something for safe basant. only Government can not do all..
its also responsibility of society and its people to make a safe basant by leave the dangerous stuff..
World is accepting and adopting Basant Kite Festival and Pakistan banned it 🙁
Pakistan & India famous same cultural Kite flying and kites, in the sky 2019.
We all Pakistanis want safe kite flying from Imran Khan PTI.

World Accepting Pakistani Basant Festival 2019 | Pakistan Tourism
Kite flying top videos in Pakistan
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#DerTawa #Guda #DhaiTawa #6TAWA
Famous Festival in Pakistan & India Specially #Lahore, #Lucknow, #Rawalpindi, #Ahmedabad, #Faislabad, #Delhi, #Quetta, #Punjab, and other famous cities of Pakistan and India.
Kite Flying environment in Pakistan
Kite flying an old culture of Pakistan and India,
how to fly kites in Pakistan.
Basant is ban in Pakistani city areas. and it’s good by Government.
Pakistan in love of kite flying festival. 2019.
Children of Pakistan are flying kites and enjoying basant sports in their top roofs, kite flying is a sport and children and kids enjoy it, it spreads and makes happy to our children. Children Enjoying Kites..

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Kite Flying Sport in #Asia, #Subcontinent
Pakistan & India Flying Kites Pech/ #Culture/ #Festival 2019

We all Pakistanis want safe kite flying from Imran Khan PTI.
#Colorful #Bigkites #Pakistanikites #kitesinpakistan pakistantourism


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