Beautiful Duck Hunt (Phusna Lake) Sindh Pakistan

Phusna Lake Duck hunting in Sindh Pakistan specially gift for duck hunters in Pakistan. Some great shots taken by me u will enjoy it,,,


49 thoughts on “Beautiful Duck Hunt (Phusna Lake) Sindh Pakistan”

  1. Bag limit rakhyn baqi fit ha❤

  2. Nasir Khan says:

    Shikar Kiya karo par zulam nahi

  3. Wah wahh kehri Distric me aahy

  4. where is phunsa lake in Sindh?

  5. shame on u for killing innocent birds for shake of fun

  6. As a youtuber check it out my videos and give me your opinion

  7. Ye batao dobara kab hy is dhand per shikaar

  8. Bhai aap sirf nagetive comments ka reply de rahy ho

  9. Ye kn si gun use kr rahy haien aap…

  10. questa non e più CACCIA ma una strage ora o capito perché da noi ITALIA non arrivano più bisogna sapersi accontentare ma non esiste un limite da voi regole….

  11. Sir ap Sindh ka kon se city sa hai

  12. Mental age of these hunters are five to eight years no idea about suffering of there people killing for fun May Allah Kareem have mercy on you he has given you so much do something for afterlife grow up do you need duck meat to survive destroying this fast dwindling migratory bird.

  13. Ye Sare k Sare ek number k haram khor aur Haram jade hai

    inka koi din dharam nhi hota

    Pen k Lodooooooooo
    Bejubaj birds ko marte ho

    is banduk ko ik dusre k ChutDDoo Mai de do Jada Acha Hoga

  14. Salo in guns ko apni Gaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndd Mai le lo

    Jada mza Aaye ga
    Shakal Achi nhi kam se kam kaam toh ache kr lo

    Tumahri shakle malum hai kaise hai

    Jaise Lann hota hai
    Sale Lan Kahi k

  15. SAlo pakistaniyon nhi sudhroge

  16. This is no bravery
    Simply cruality.
    These bird travel from thousand km to reach there .
    N after shooting they are doing halal shows that unke paap dhul gaye.
    Every has to reply on dooms day.
    That is qyamat ka din
    I hope they will understand n stop doing this.
    Goli us par chalao jo hathiyar bhi rakhta ho.

  17. Very talented..
    But become hunter else then meat greed..
    Stay bless

  18. Be a humter, not to be a meat collector

  19. S A baloch says:

    Don't kill these kind of birds they do migration other part of world

  20. Kya nishana h yr ap allah pak ap ko salamat rakhy

  21. khan asad says:

    Behn k kus kuttay ki auladrn

  22. This duck hunting looks more like a fox hunting (like they do in UK)
    So many people like a wedding procession….

  23. Jani me bhi nizamani ho ap kaha se hen or kaha kia he shikar

  24. Tum logo ko kisne shikari banaya hai chutiya log birds hunting is silent hunting Mela laga kar hunting karte ho chutiya hunting dekhna hai to India akar dekho kaise hunting karte hai

  25. Great hunting Ada keep it up

  26. Nishat Ali says:

    Madarchood suwar ki aoulad

  27. jani ya kon si guga ha mara pass 3 rifel ha 2 air gun or Ak ripter

  28. Shah Zaib says:

    Plz stop this bull shit death is always painful

  29. O bhai jan 1 shikari kutta to rkho na

  30. ماشاءالله ماشاءالله

  31. paki rambo says:

    Nice Shooting, Can You please tell me what choke and which shell did you use ?

  32. Nice hunter in pakistan

  33. John Doe says:

    Fucking idiots. Why the hell were they not arrested?

  34. Ye shook hai itna kharcha kar hai ye payse Jo sath main garib log hain in ko dey do.parido ko martay ho Allah ko hisab dena hoga

  35. Chacha Ayub Mizamani is Great person, he is friend of my father Habibullah chanihoon…

  36. Which shotguns you are using in this video?

  37. Gr8 hunting brother. Remarkable

  38. shameful, you guys killed so many innocent birds, much more than your hunger, you are bloody beasts.

  39. Very nice hunting…..good flying shoot, amazing keep it up

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