Beautiful Place for Patang Bazi in Pakistan

beautiful place for patang bazi
Patang Bazi in a village area. where we can fly kites safely.
Flying Beautiful Patang in Pakistan outside 2018.
#Pakistan #KiteFlying #VillageArea
shistru patang flying in Punjab Pakistan.


14 thoughts on “Beautiful Place for Patang Bazi in Pakistan”

  1. Hallo shoaib bhai iam biggset fan of you

  2. Very nice.. Subscribed my channel please support back too.. Thanks

  3. Jnb ye Kon c Jagha ha or Ap kab Yaha Plane krte ho btao Ham bAe ge

  4. Asim Ali says:

    I am big fan you pir ya jaga kider hai

  5. Aniq Khan says:

    Bachay ho ap sub kabhi ao ba Lahore key chato pay

  6. Spiffy TV says:

    Shoaib bhai I'm a biggest fan of flying kite but in Lahore no one selling manjha door can you provide me a door Charkhi this is my number I will give you all money

  7. Starting me to me ho patang ki fli8 krte howe😅

  8. Mir Hamza says:

    Shoaib bhai hum kab ien game pa.??😛😝

  9. Well so wahts of guys spidere man back here

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