Beautiful Tirah midan khyber District KPK Pakistan | zama khyber

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46 thoughts on “Beautiful Tirah midan khyber District KPK Pakistan | zama khyber”

  1. Don't use girls photo in thumbnail plzz

  2. Sadiq Khan says:

    Mashallah bhut khub Wadi Tirah

  3. Thanks from India. Please try to add some explanatory notes also in the video.

  4. J Shah says:

    At Last The Home Of Real Weed is on Youtube Now

  5. Why not tirah development authority like galyat development authority?the people of Peshawar hayatabad will rush to buy plots fo summer season.

  6. Wah…
    Khog watana allah da bia abad ka rata

  7. Masha Allah bht payara manzar ha

  8. Attractive video which I have ever watched I love Pakistan

  9. Subhaan Allah. Maaashaa Allah. Zindabaad

  10. ماشاءاللہ بہت اچھا لگا رہا ہے اور دل بھی کرتے ہیں جانے کا لیکن کیا کرے

  11. Beautiful place and touched land to socialization hospitality. ……full of natural beauty TIRAH

  12. Masha Allah…love from🇲🇨❤🇵🇰

  13. Asif Khan says:

    MaShallah Beautiful Deer Zabar 10 Da K P K Ruono Ta Salaam o na Ao Da Pakistan Armie Zienda Bad

  14. ضرور بولنا چاہئے

  15. اچھی چیز دیکھ کر ماشااللہ تبارک اللہ الحمداللہ

  16. Gives you five star 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

  17. mastan k says:

    tital ke tasver de sa lagoly da .shram vaky g

  18. Ma sha Allah
    Great Pakistan lovely Kyber Pakhtoon Khawa

  19. Beautiful,awesome … watching from Assam,india.

  20. How can we visit at this valley

  21. Mashallah beautifull Pakistan

  22. Yaa video k profile say larki k pic nikalo yaa achi bat nai hai

  23. its just like same to same switzerland

  24. subhan Allah is zeyada khubsurat jaga dunya mea nahi

  25. Syed .Shah says:

    Jahela khalak, chars, topak tamanche, dushmane, wran kooroona, no facilities, very primitive.. We need another 150 years to develop..

  26. Zama khkoly watan tera….

  27. Pa dunya banday jannat d zama graan watan Pakistan 😍

  28. inam ullah says:

    May Allah Pak keeps this whole area peaceful and happy for ever 🙏

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