Beauty of Pakistan Mansehra Jabori | part# 2 | zama khyber vlog

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9 thoughts on “Beauty of Pakistan Mansehra Jabori | part# 2 | zama khyber vlog”

  1. I am from Ichhrian living abroad but always love my country mansehra, Dadar , Bogarmang …love this place we use to play cricket there

  2. Ya allha ,abi bi udar gade use karraye

  3. MashAllah Mansehra is v beautiful

  4. Umar Khan says:

    I belong to lahore but this is the place from where my mother belong .I m very fond of to visit this place inshaAllah very soin I will visit it

  5. niaz Khan says:

    V.pretty. de mansehre na kam taraf ta da jabori??

  6. mashallah beautiful Pakistan

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