CPEC – Hazara motorway Beautiful Shimla Tunnels |Beauty of Pakistan

Hazara Motorway is part of CPEC. Hazara motorway have 2 beautiful tunnels.This is a revolution in Pakistan’s trads wall as tourism industry.Good news for the people who visit Gilgit Baltistan in summer as well as winter.Now more easy to approach northern areas.
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6 thoughts on “CPEC – Hazara motorway Beautiful Shimla Tunnels |Beauty of Pakistan”

  1. Aslaam O Aliakum, MashaAllah Bohat Achi Tunnels Hain Both, Lakin 2nd is Better it had Proper Lighting. MashaAllah App ne Achi Video Baniye op Hum Sab Se Share ke

  2. nice view mashallah mashallah

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