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World’s Most Dangerous Roads: Deadliest Journeys in Pakistan in 2008

The Lowari Pass in Pakistan winds its way through the mountainous region bordering Afghanistan. Ten kilometres of this road, dubbed the ‘death tunnel’ by locals, cuts straight through the mountain. Landslides and avalanches are common and the tunnel has to be cleared every day for rocks. Drivers like 23 year old Dawood navigate it at their peril. The smallest error can be fatal.

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33 thoughts on “Deadliest Roads | Pakistan | Free Documentary”

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  2. Most deadly road and he decided to smoke hash while driving, and add bunch of costly heavy shit to offset center of gravity, just what you need from high cliffs

  3. This documentary almost 10year old

  4. refrain from talking with the driver he cannot concentrate on driving😣

  5. Make good roads there so we wnt have to build new.

  6. Its a payloader not a bulldozer which do the cleaning of the pile of rubble being washed by the mountains.

  7. Yanet B says:

    That 14 year old kid is serving looks and face 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. Very old video now the road is very neet and clean and beautiful

  9. Bro first 40 secounds were not Pakistani videos it was an african video

  10. Maxxis yang kera jaan kata free…. Kesudahannya dr pagi sampai jam 6 petang.. 1 gib.. Kalau tgok youtube dr pagi… Jam 12 dah kata habis kuota… Tak tengok mesej dia potong credit sampai kosonv.. Tengah malam liter net laju.. Besok tgok… Sangkut macam tak bayar… 😂Phuiii.. Haramjadah

  11. ich war von 1984 bis 1992 einige male in pakistan und man muß schon etwas leidensfähig sei um dort zu reisen…

  12. Spending so much money on decorating the truck .
    Not smart

  13. It was horrible slapping the brother as he drove 👎 stupid brother

  14. CHOHAN 31 says:

    Now we have the best tunnel

  15. Mk _m says:

    Why was he being beaten…. Elder brothers though 😒😒😒😒

  16. The moment the baby started crying, I thought this guy would translate that as well.

    Heheeeeeeeeer ha heeerrr

  17. Good driving teacher hit n hit the boy😡😡🙄

  18. This documentary is far too old I believe because that tunnel was opened 1-2 years ago and the road was constructed.

  19. Lila Kay says:

    The little baby is soooooo cute!!

  20. Reminds me of the opening scene of Nightmare On Elmstreet 2: Freddy's Revenge.

  21. Very hard working peoples Pakhtoon Pakistanies..great peoples..

  22. Ali Jaffri says:

    Love from Pakistan ♥️🇵🇰 plz come back and make another adventure video👌

  23. Haris Khan says:

    Wow good Documentary from Pakistan Peshawar kpk ❤️

  24. Worst decorated trucks ever seen

  25. I have been to Pakistan and all these roads, Simply Breathtaking, It is a little hidden paradise.

  26. That the way they to tech how drive slap on the face

  27. I'd rather walked…Solanas family is better than the old brother slapped his younger brother and hide the mother and the wife. I can't live to this type of person…

  28. @27:30 That's not abuse, just elder brother teaching his younger brother how to survive. Old school 🦾

  29. 47:30 how can I get the full song. any information related to the song please share

  30. Lewis C. says:

    These people are so damn poor, why do they have so many children? We live in an over populated world. most o these Muslims should not have more than 2 children, per family.

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