Gulalai Ismail, Pakistan

As part of NED’s 30th Anniversary, we are featuring 30 activists under 30 years old. Read more about Gululai Ismail and her sister Saba here:


9 thoughts on “Gulalai Ismail, Pakistan”

  1. Good work but wrong intentions

  2. Usman Khan says:

    I Love her ❤️ but not with her mentality.

  3. Such a brave girl ❤️, love her.

  4. there is no validity of women rights in Pakistan and kpk … cheapest

  5. We can't go around calling our citizens traitors if we keep our women locked up indoors, and uneducated who is going to teach our children? Educated mother's raise highly educated children, the issue shouldn't be about male or female, the issue should be about all children and even adults getting an equal education, to unlock the potential of our country we need to educate our population, so they can go on to become, scientist's, engineers, academics, entrepreneurs and CEO's like India is doing, many top CEO's in companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple etc are Indian or Indian origin, even in the US Senate, that is why India has so much influence internationally and their voice is heard over the voices of Pakistanis on issues like Indian occupied Kashmir, and the brutality of the Indian army in Kashmir, even in the middle-east in countries like Saudi, UAE Indians are leading the way, only because they're more educated compared to Pakistanis, we should be competing with India academically, yet we don't even know if social media websites will stay unblocked. We need to stop this backward thinking mentality, we need to give scholarships, to Afghanis and even take in refugees who have lived in Pakistan for years a Pakistani nationality, this will breed loyalty and good wishes. We have to stop thinking in a backward manner, we need to establish connections with Isreal as Saudi Arabia has, Pakistan could broker a peace deal in the middle-east, but we're being left behind even when countries like Saudi are becoming more secular we're becoming less secular and more fundamentalist, we're allowing 100s of madrassas to teach Islam for free, yet you can't find a university teaching some science for free, give it a rest and open your eyes, and see the direction the world is moving in we're being left behind.

  6. Ali Ali says:

    pakistaniyooo…socho zara gour karoo…….
    is ko koei taliban nahi maarta….is ko koei tanzeem kuch nahi kehti……is ko koei bom se nahi uraata……..jaanty ho kiyo?
    kiyo k ye sab 1 hi haein…jo pakistan ko toorny ki nakaam koshish me laggy howe haein….jaago mere bhaiyoo jaagoo…..humy apni dhartii maa ko bachaana hae….pakistan ko bachaana hae……..jaago mere yaaroo…pehchaanoo in jaesy gaddaroon ko….ye sab tanzeemy… sab bas pakistan ko khushall hoota nahi dekhnaa chahty….jaago mere peyaro…..

  7. Sajid Ali says:

    This is nothing but cheap publicity of oneself.

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