INDIA 🇮🇳VS PAKISTAN 🇵🇰| Similarities and Differences

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INDIA VS. PAKISTAN -- how are they similar or different? Find out in this video!

There has been a lot of negative chatter in the news about India and Pakistan, and I’m sure you’ve heard a thing or two about it.

But let’s take a moment and try to look at these neighboring countries from a different perspective.

After spending nearly 4 months traveling around India and the last week in Pakistan — this video explains my unbiased opinions of comparing and contrasting the two nations.

Long story short, I find there to be A LORE MORE SIMILARITIES than differences between India and Pakistan.

What are your thoughts on India and Pakistan?

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43 thoughts on “INDIA 🇮🇳VS PAKISTAN 🇵🇰| Similarities and Differences”

  1. If this video goes viral it can make a big effect


  3. Sarah says:

    We should be United to fight against terrorism

  4. Pakistan….murgabaad

  5. well in Punjab so many people eat meat and true I also think Pakistan and India are brothers

  6. No one:
    Literally no one:
    Drew Binsky:My ToEs aRe In InDia…..

  7. I’m from America and I love india and Pakistan they have amazing cultures ❤️

  8. SEGO says:

    Religion is only difference betwen them

  9. India baap hai bro पाकिस्तान ka

  10. At 2:33 it should be noted that time only one nation was there which was British colony..not two as mentioned in the video

  11. arya art17 says:

    No one
    Me :terrorists

  12. Pranesh R says:

    Pakistan🇵🇰 is fucking nation, india 🇮🇳is great

  13. Amj Nhl says:

    You left Bangladesh friend

  14. No liquor 🥃 shops in Pak 😳

  15. Legend-Arq says:

    if pakistan and india were friends

  16. gao mutre drinking nation india

  17. Its normal that Bangladesh isn’t in the video 🇧🇩…………

  18. Soner Blox says:

    Support Pakistan from Turkey

  19. I’m from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  20. I like Pakistan from Nepal

  21. Thank you for this, but I doubt anything will change for at least a century. People hate change in these countries, and our government system is extremely corrupt. No matter what we try, it is going to take lots of work and mostly luck to get these tow countries as allies. 😔

  22. What right does pakistan have to exist ?

  23. LCool aid says:

    Nope your are wrong Pakistan started war with us indians

  24. Ive known great Pakistani people as well as great Indian people, and in fact I've known Pakistanis and Indians who were good friends with each other!…I firmly believe anyone and everyone can get along, it's corruption, greed, and unfortunate circumstances that divide us

  25. Im pakistani and india is a enemie in pakistan

  26. I will tell you why india and pak hate each another india think that Pakistan is god is cow me like what the hack man india but like ifyou agree

  27. Adithya L says:

    North India is very much closer with Pakistan in terms of culture than its counter part south India.

  28. Bro, please do visit our northeast india, we eat both pork and beef.

  29. India and Pakistan was same country in 1947

  30. Pakistan 🇵🇰 zindabad

  31. AA Cuber says:

    India is NOT similar to Pakistan.Glad you mentioned south India.Your so nice to mention my place

  32. Pawan V says:

    0:57 It's disrespectful to say "Allahu Akbar" when there are people of other faiths present around Muslims. Religion of peace huh.

  33. halo anda says:

    You are very kind sir thank you for massages peace

  34. MD Nehal says:

    The differences because of Hindu name

  35. Ziya Minha says:

    Who is here during coronavirus (a very dangerous moment) 😓

  36. So Pakistan 🇵🇰 is better right

  37. incredible description 👌

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