India, Pakistan and the deadly conflict in Kashmir

India and Pakistan have been fighting over Kashmir for more than 70 years. In February the tensions reached the highest they’ve been in decades. How did one of the most beautiful areas in the world turn so ugly? Lou explains the roots of the conflict and whether the people of Kashmir will ever see peace.


Kashmir: Roots of Conflict, Paths to Peace -- Sumantra Bose

UN Peacekeeping on India-Pakistan

Alyssa Ayres on the Kashmir bombing

The rigged 1987 Kashmir elections

Why the Pakistan-Terrorist Nexus Persists

UN on human rights abuses in Jammu & Kashmir

Writer: Louis Foglia
Editor: m.cho
Researcher: Dushyant Naresh
Supervising Producer: Allison Brown

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42 thoughts on “India, Pakistan and the deadly conflict in Kashmir”

  1. Woke up to this Kashmir news from CNN International:

    Pakistan and India are accusing each other of unprovoked fire across the Line of Control in Kashmir on Monday, with multiple casualties on each side.

    The Pakistani military's media wing ISPR says in a a statement that three of its soldiers were killed after "Indian troops resorted to unprovoked fire," and one soldier was injured. Pakistan's army "responded effectively," the statement adds.

    Indian army spokesperson Devender Anand says that Pakistan initiated a "third unprovoked ceasefire violation by shelling with mortars and firing of small arms," adding that the Indian Army retaliated.

    On the Indian side, a five year old girl and a paramilitary soldier were killed, and 20 others were injured, Ramesh Angral, district police chief Poonch told CNN.

  2. Gotta say only Western guy who checks the facts and isn't islamophobic.

  3. Sticked to the fact most of the times.
    But some things to correct JeM is alleged by India for 2008 attacks and it's leader Hafiz Saeed has been arrested several time(currently in jail due to pressure from FATF and Trump) but released on bail because India did not provided any evidence regarding the attack to Pakistan.
    Second Pakistan in recent times has taken action against these organizations.Like I said because of FATF and Trump.
    Third Pakistani Kashmiri's have every freedom provided to them by the Constitution.
    Last India claimed but didn't had any proof of killing 300-400 terrorists in Balakut bombing.

  4. Kashmir is integral part of India. Pakistan must stop sponsoring terrorists.

  5. Kya Pakistan 71 ki ladai bhul gaya kaise randbhumi chod kar bhage thhe

  6. Kashmiri are fighting for freedom
    And Freedom Fighters are not terrorist
    If Kashmiris are terrorist then
    And all others are also terrorists because they are also attacking other countries to kill up people's

  7. Correction Mr
    Pakistan shoot down 2 Indian jets…not one

  8. Its settled bro…peace…india annexed kashmir

  9. Pubg should add a new map named Kashmir 🤣

  10. That is not cycle of hate or any thing… That is juat islam.. islam is Terrorism Muslisms are idiots….

  11. Ron Raj says:

    Please report this channel. This is overall a bias story, you can not judge the things without actually feeling that. You said POK is less violent I hope you meet with tarik a Pakistani who will tell you the real story. Shameful fake stuff.

  12. Indian government has been largely complacent in containing terrorist attacks from Pakistan. Just responding to them doesn't make India a war mongerer

  13. Those Unarmed protesters pelt heavy stones at soldiers and Indians are forced to use pellet guns. Locals support these terrorists that's why whole villages needs cordoning.

  14. 😫😫😭😭 we kashmiris have suffered most. We wanted our own seprate nation. We want independence. Our motherland is kashmir n our nation is kashmir n we love our Kashmir. India oppressed us so much that no one knows what's happening in Kashmir. U really showed the real documentary. Love from Kashmir.

  15. A Das says:

    The only way out is scrapping section 370 of the Indian constitution, getting economic development started in Kashmir. Kashmiris have too much time to get involved in this religious bullshit. Get them working and make em earn stuff instead of providing everything subsidized like we do now.

  16. We JK nation is a peaceful nation, Let us Live INDEPENDENT, why both playing their dirty politics on our Blood.

  17. Most Pakistani Kashmiris want to join Pakistan, most Indian Kashmiris want to either join Pakistan or want independence. If a referendum was carried out it would be a close call between Pakistan and independence.

  18. As a Kashmiri I would vote for Pakistan any time. I lived in Pakistani Kashmir for 11 years and in those 11 years I have never seen a protest or a conflict and the only time I saw military was when I visited the LOC or the border with India we live in peace in Kashmir and we love Pakistan when we visit a Pakistani city and tell people that we are from Kashmir they are so nice and sympathetic and I have always believed that I am a Pakistani but when you look at Indian Kashmir all you see is military, conflict, terror there are 900000 indian soldiers present in Indian Kashmir they are there to oppress the locals. I thank God that I was born in Pakistani Kashmir.

  19. You Forgot,Missed Important things — 1st — The Guy who Blew Up Indian Forces Bus with 450kg Rdx was shot in Leg a year ago and forced to Rub his Nose on Ground & Humiliated by the India Security Forces…… 2nd — How he Was Able to get that close to a large Convoy of 2000 personnals ? how he crossed Number of Check Points ?? how he acquired that much Explosives in a Heavily Militarized Valley with 550K Security Personnals ?? ….. 3rd — You Mentioned Pakistan Supporting Different Groups in that particular Region but you forgot that it was India who Supported Terror/ists Against Pakistan in 1970s to Break its Part and the terro/rists it has Supported against a Small Country SriLanka for decades ….4 — You Didn't Mention that Pakistan Also Captured indian Govt Spy Agency Spy from Balochistan Province, he was funding,arming,training Terror/ists Which is a Open SECRET That india Funds and support terrorists against Its Neighbors…. Last time when USA Dropped MOAB Bomb in Afghanistan then 14+ Indians also lost their lives with ISIS/Daesh Terror/ists …. Indian Govt is openly Supporting Terror/ists Like BLA,BLFTTP Etc………… 5 — What do you expect From Kashmiris in IOK (Indian Occupied Kashmir) When 8 Year old Girl Gets R@aped for over a week and then the Indian Army men ,police men $STONE Her to #DEATH ?? What do you Expect From Kashmiris When 6k gets injured and 500 gets killed and 600 gets Blinded bcz of use of pellet Guns in 2 Months ??? what do you Expect when the there are 10K Unmarked Graves in IOK (Indian Occupied Kashmir) Obviously they will respond to oppression,brutality and Pick up Guns….

    You Blamed EveryThing on Pakistan while Ignoring The Indian Support to Terror/its aganist Pakistan for Decades and Ignoring the Oppression 10k umakred Graves, Mass R@pes.. and Using Kashmiri as a human shield on their Jeep and that Guy Got Medal from SHAMEFUL Extremist Hindu india Govt and after few weeks he got arrested in HOTEL For using a Female member in a hotel in exchange for releasing her Brother from Prison…

  20. China has a Big hammer, So Endia and Endian Shut their Mouth…..Endin only Understand the threat of hammer….Kashmir Belong to Kashmiris ; not to Endian Bullies…

  21. As a Pakistani i hope this ends as soon as possible

  22. They marginalize the representative of seperation bring them on tv and bash them and their openions , they use narratives to demonize the kashmiris and call them stone throwers and indian think they out power them with guns but when a kashmiri gets a hand on a gun or a bomb he is ready to lay his life and goes on a death bed to his people who gloriify his efforts …these boys are highly educated some are engineers and phds so it's provocative to think why they are not ready to surrender

  23. India never recognizes the need of a dialogue though they think she is gonna loose the face if sat with those who despise the indian approach

  24. The most neutral video on this topic. Well done !!!!

  25. I'm a Kashmiri and we want to join Pakistan because its our political right ❤️🇵🇰

  26. nandish cs says:

    Please englighten us why you did not include the piece on Kashmir pundits, where the whole community where exodus from there ancestor place.

  27. shonak says:

    Dang man you gotit 100% accurate

  28. The map doesn't seem right…..

  29. When the west bombs them it is for peace and protection of their people and when anyone else does that for pursuing justice, u need to stop, your life is not as important as ours. Pakistan is so miniscule that even if it gives us 1000 cuts it will drown to death in our blood. And isn't that happening now, terrorist groups all around the god awful country.

  30. Mr K says:

    I'm a Kashmiri and we hate India.

  31. Make the next part of this video 15 mins isn't enough

  32. Harris says:

    The act that gives Kashmir to india, also states that A REFERENDUM would also be held. It never took place. Pakistan offered to withdraw its troops in kashmir to hold a referendum, and proposed it to the UN. India denied. Also, the pulwama investigation is going on, and Pakistan has nothing to do with it. The kashmiri sucide bomber's parents told that he had been shot, oppressed, leading to him joining the JEM

  33. How do I believe your reports, any report to be honest when a known fact you did not get right from the start. Yes Indian fighters came in, but they drop their load to an empty area and no one died. Their claim for killing 300 ^terrorists^ were cleared off along with their other claim for their own bravery.

  34. Just saying
    Religion does not follow logic

  35. You skipped many crucial points. You forgot to mention the revolts in Gilgit Baltistan and Poonch and reason why the Lashkars advanced into Kashmir.

  36. You have not properly knowledge,,you got this form india media,,total wrong information,,,

  37. M aziz says:

    Good job none of the media on both side shows the truth. All they do fuel the aggregation and lie and lie. I jest hope some day people find peace which they deserve for over 70 year. I''m from punjab pakistan and after living in the west over 30 years same goes here fake news and lies. No one wants to tell the truth and these political stupid head are the same old son of bit….s who creating problems between normal peace loving human beings.

  38. Ahmad Raza says:

    its 2 fighter jets, and there are no causalities in in India attacks

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