India vs Pakistan BCCI Platinum Jubilee Match 2004 Highlights | Eden Gardens, Kolkata

Watch India vs Pakistan highlights of the BCCI Platinum Jubilee Match 2004 played at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata which is one of India vs Pakistan best matches.

This was a one-off ODI and the first India Pakistan cricket match played on Indian soil in more than five years.

Salman Butt struck his first ODI century as Pakistan beat India by six wickets to win the one-off BCCI Platinum Jubilee Match and is one of India vs Pakistan best matches.

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47 thoughts on “India vs Pakistan BCCI Platinum Jubilee Match 2004 Highlights | Eden Gardens, Kolkata”

  1. Iss video se income hota hai kya

  2. Waqas Khan says:

    Nahraa bazzo hum chertta ha

  3. OME BASHIR says:

    commentators… IMRAN KHAN….

  4. Pakistan was dominated team until dhoni came into india

  5. I still remember this match am from Kolkata and match was played on my it's chand rat that day we where shopping for Eid and keep asking the stores from every shop keepers 😂😂

  6. Salman butt a great opener , lost his career due to match fixing ,sad

  7. The only man still playing from that IND/PAK team era, S.Malik.

  8. o remember this match. It was surprised visit . I remember next day was our eid and there was a holy in india. We were very happy to win this match. Most of the people in pakistan couldn't see this match because no body was know but it's was golden time of cricket

  9. Pak never lost odi at kolkata ground

  10. Such a good time pass in these crisis days 😌in newyork it is Monday the 13th of april ,2020 😒

  11. No wonder the match fixers came after salman butt. I wonder which country sent them???🤔🤔🤔

  12. Aaahhhhhh kea din thy ye….memorable unforgettable….

  13. Hamza Ali says:

    Was that Imran Khan in the commentry.

  14. What A match .2 great Teams of that Era and Mighty Inzamam and classy salman but finished great.Dravid Ganguli Tendulkar Sehwag Luxman were very Strong batsmen and Muhammad Kaif was the best indian fielder Abd the great Yuvraj. I Miss Mohammad yousaf Younis khan

  15. Mohd Aalam says:

    Salman butt,ek esa sitara ,jise bohot chamakna tha ,par usse pehle hi andhere me chhup gya …

  16. uzair naqs says:

    Platinum jubilee cannot be ruined better.than this 😂


  18. Having Afridi and Akmal in side, they went with Younis to open???

  19. Sam Grima says:

    India’s bcci platinum jubilee and winner is Pakistan 🇵🇰 that is amazing 😉.

  20. There will be no player like inzimam ul haq.and no commentator like robin Jackman…

  21. I remember this match chand rat in Pakistan second day eid ul fiter in Pakistan

  22. I remember this match chand rat in Pakistan second day eid ul fiter in Pakistan

  23. saajan4u83 says:

    India snatched the defeat from the jaws of victory..till 88th over of the match, India was in commanding position thereafter it was Inzi show..super match it was!!

  24. Adil Usman says:

    گرین شرٹس نے پوری قوم کا عیدی دی

  25. omg inzamam is playing with body rather than bat

  26. Ahsan G says:

    مجھ کو اچھی طرح یاد ہے یہ میچ عید ول فطر کی چند رات کو ہوا تھا کس کس کو یاد ہے ؟

  27. Thanks for posting it. Can someone give me the link to highlights of India Pakistan 2020 world cup match.

  28. What a huge six hit by Shewag..06:25

  29. Ye match diwali ke din khela gaya tha

  30. Mir Aijaz says:

    Salman butt is just like Sayed anwar

  31. Faran says:

    The mighty Inzamam

  32. مزہ آگیا پرانی یاداشت تازہ ہوگئی اس میچ کو دیکھ کر اور سلمان بھٹ نے اچّھا کھیلا تھا

    اور سلمان بھٹ نے اپنا کیریئر بھی تباہ کردیا پیسوں کے خاطر

  33. Salman butt david warner se b acha opner batsman tha

  34. Yeh shewag kon pronounce krta Hai Bhai 😀 hahaha

  35. HEC says:

    Irfan Pathan got his ass handed to him.

  36. One of my memorable match

  37. I was in sixth class ,this match was a special gift on Eid ul fithr , what a day it was .

  38. Still remember that match on Chand raat b4 eid

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