Indian Reaction on GUJRANWALA گجرانوالا a Beautiful City of Punjab Pakistan 2020 | Travel Guide

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42 thoughts on “Indian Reaction on GUJRANWALA گجرانوالا a Beautiful City of Punjab Pakistan 2020 | Travel Guide”

  1. Mera sohna Shar gujranwala

  2. My love gujranwala favourite ever

  3. Uzair Butt says:

    Pakistan Gujarat City

  4. Plz record and upload reaction to this video brother….

  5. It’s just 5% of Gujranwala

  6. Sada Sohana city babbar shayarrrr

  7. Amanat Ali says:

    Gujranwala is a Division

  8. Thanks g it's my city
    Love you bro and sis 💙

  9. I am Sheikh Salman I am from Gujranwala.Tere is still many sikh house (Hawalian) near to my home.I am studied from Guru Nank Khalsa College that is now known as Islamiay College Gujranwala.

  10. جنوبی پنجاب پہلے بھی توجہ کا منتظر تھا اور آج بھی PTI بزادر حکومت کی توجہ کا منتظر ہے،
    مکمل ویڈیو دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے دیے گئے لنک پر کلک کریں، 👇👇

  11. You don't know that every thing are made in gujranwala. There is a big industry in gujranwala.

  12. I Am From Gujranwala😍

  13. Thanks paa g apny meri city k bary mai btaya i love gujranwala❤❤❤❤❤

  14. Love n Respect 🙏
    From. Gujranwala Lehnda Punjab.
    Punjabiyoo sada hassdy wassdy rwo.

  15. Yes Yes Ye Hae Hamara Gujranwala…
    The city Of Wrestler 🤼‍♂️
    And also known by it's Delicious food 🍲..
    if U want knowing about its food So, watch my Vlogs about food of gujranwala….
    Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  16. 1:19 karachi airport ka name jinnah international Airport hai

  17. JACK MM says: please reactinon on these video best video forever

  18. Gujranwala is beautiful city of Pakistan..😍😍thankx for this video😊😊😊

  19. I wish u could come Pakistan n I could host you— I'm from Lahore😘 bhai ur wife is so cute n innocent- I'm happy that she is supporting u in earnings-

  20. My City Beautiful City …

  21. One Video and Malik Ata Mohammad Khan Prince of Pakistan

  22. سردار جی۔۔اسی خالص گوجرانوالہ دے باسی آں۔۔۔گورودوارہ روڈی صاحب ایمن آباد وچ اے جیڑا ساڈے گھر توں کوئ دس کلومیٹر دور اے۔۔ایتھے ہر سال یاتری اوندے نیں۔۔وساکھی دا میلہ وی لگدا جے۔۔۔کدی آئو گوجرانوالہ اسی تہاڈی سیوا لئ ھر دم تیار رھا گے۔😍😍😍😍

  23. Sada pend gurdwara rori sahad dy kol e a

  24. Thanks reaction k liye gujranwala pakistan ka anmol shehar hai

  25. guru baba says:

    gurudawara noo sada sada q kerdy o,sada v ay,


  27. Nice reaction..I'm ur regular viewer plz support my channel also.

  28. moman raza says: guruduwara rohri sahib ki complete video link

  29. Mera shehr Gujranwala.. i luv Gujranwala

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