Karakoram Highway, 1300 km running from China to Pakistan. Incredible and awesome engineering

Karakoram Highway, 1300 km running from China to Pakistan.
Incredible and awesome engineering & construction feat!
Beautiful scenery along the journey!


32 thoughts on “Karakoram Highway, 1300 km running from China to Pakistan. Incredible and awesome engineering”

  1. Looks very dangerous, I hope nothing goes wrong ever..but very beautiful

  2. Echt eine sehr schöne Autobahn.

  3. America is bombing. China is building. That´s the difference.

  4. Wow amazing mind blowing construction awesome I love Chinese engineers hats off Jin ping sir

  5. Usman Ali What is the status of Gilgit Baltistan,it is neither a state of Pakistan nor their people be given rights to vote as a Pakistani.A state less occupied land even in this 21st century. So far I know you became independent in Nov'1947 then why you have again come under the yoke of Pakistan. See Bangladesh has become independent after you and still a sovereign country.

  6. If An earthquake that can cause tsunami happen for ten minutes, i'm curious what will happen

  7. Immi Dar says:

    This is not karkarom Highway. Part from Pakistan is not included in this video Its All China. Krakoram Highway Is A Giant Motorway Soon It's going to open……

  8. Jhoot ki b hud hoti yar

  9. Sally Ot says:

    This is computerised and look fake!

  10. China is super power in real

  11. Manish says:

    Omg is dis real❤🇮🇳

  12. In this video this is not karakoram highway

  13. The beauty of communism. Hats off for the peoples republic of china.

  14. Ali Raza says:

    Is this real bridge? Or looks like animation not possible how they build in centre of mountain such long way bridge

  15. lluvia says:

    Verdaderamente fascinante, impresionante !!!

  16. Wow wonderful when it happen in China

  17. China is real super power not like india. India politicians can only play politics but can't work like China. Respect from india

  18. pakistan china frdshap zindabad

  19. shiv says:

    I want chinese to build bridges in india also but I'll restrict them to that only.we r good at everything else.

  20. Lara M says:

    That looks great! I like it better than roads that are cut out of the side of mountains, because I don’t like falling snow, rocks, and big animals on the road. With this Highway in China, you don’t have those problems. But, one big problem will be how long will the bridge supports last. If you look at the world earthquake zones, this highway goes through some of the biggest earthquake areas in the world. It is a fantastic highway that was quicker to build, but more steps in engineering needs to be taken to account for safety and longevity.

  21. Made in China, Made by Dictatorship 😂😂

  22. Worst and dangerous highway

  23. China
    El nuevo dueño del mundo ?
    Occidente creo un moustro

  24. Siba Das says:

    China can do any thing beyond the imagination. But one thing I was thinking they could have done by cutting the hills or making tunnels but why they have used such large and huge pillers instead. And if high magnitude earthquake come how it will sustain?

  25. Eagle1 says:

    This is the road from China to Pakistan https://youtu.be/_M26vP0Lgzc

  26. Eagle1 says:

    Fake video just like that fake wind turbine I bought in Amazon that was made in china

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