Minimarg | Most Beautiful Place of Astore, GB | Pakistan [4K]

#Minimarg, a spectacular village near #Line_of_Control is the most beautiful place of Astore Valley I have visited so far. From the other side it is very close to Taobutt, neelum valley, Azad Kashmir. Taobutt is approachable while passing through shounter pass. Minimarg is a place where kargil war was fought between the armies of Pakistan and India back in 1998. It’s under administrative control of Pak army due to the ongoing tension at line of control that’s why the area is beautiful and cleanliness in just awsome.
Domel, at 15 km distance from Minimarg is a mysterious place with eye catching and breath taking views. #Rainbow_Lake is jewel of Domel. Written permission from local administration of Astore and Pak army HQ Astore is mandatory to visit Minimarg and Domel as throughout the way there are number of army check posts that keep checking the permission letter stamped or not.
Approachable from Astore via Chilam and Burzil pass. The whole journey is full of mesmerizing views.

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21 thoughts on “Minimarg | Most Beautiful Place of Astore, GB | Pakistan [4K]”

  1. Mesemerizing….amazinhly good video and detailed capturing of beautiful places of nayure.
    V r convinced 2 visit it ….
    Pakistan is BEAUTIFUL

  2. Astore is my homeland ❤️❤️

  3. Really Pakistan is a very beautiful country. I'm Pakistani but I didn't visit this very amazing sight.

  4. Ap please btain gy k road condition kesi hai ?

  5. Khan TV says:

    سویٹزرلینڈ میں ایسی ہی جگے ہیں مگر وہاں سڑکے ہوٹل ٹرانسپورٹ کی سہولیات دئے ہیں اور پاکستان میں بدقسمتی سے چوروں نے سارے پیسے لندن اور دبئی سعودیہ امریکہ چوری کر کے لے گئے

  6. Its not Kashmir it's Gilgit Baltistan. Correction plz

  7. ejaz ahmed says:

    plz correct your caption bro minimarg is in #astore gilgit baltistan not in kashmir

  8. Really a fantastic documentary but Indian songs playing behind……

  9. Beautiful! Reminds me of Montana in America!

  10. syed shah says:

    kis mosam yani month main jana best hai

  11. I really had to turn the sound off to watch this video

  12. MashAllah amaising beauty i miss my Pak from Saudia Arabia

  13. Minimarg is part of district Astore ,Gilgit Baltistan not Kashmir

  14. beautiful way to minimarg. I will plan my next trip here

  15. great time with friends and beautiful place

  16. Very nice 😀😍😘😻😽

  17. کیا موٹر سائیکل پر یہاں جا سکتے ھیں؟

  18. ali aafaq says:

    This is one of the best informative video for those who are willing to go there…..Good work bhai…

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