MOST AMAZING DHOLKI! | Pakistani pre-wedding party (Pakistan #4)


After 10 long years since our last visit, my family and I go back to Pakistan to attend my cousin’s wedding!
Today we attend a pre-wedding party, dholki, in my uncle’s house in Islamabad. It was the most amazing party, and not even the real wedding yet! We had some fun singing, eating and trying paan for the first time.


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One of my grandparents is originally from Pakistan (Punjab) so I have family there from his side. The first time I went there was Dec 2006 at age 16 (see video playlist above), mainly for the wedding of a cousin but also because I’d never been there before and wanted to get to know the family there. In Dec 2016 I went to Pakistan for the second time to attend the wedding of another cousin and luckily got to do tourism as well, resulting in these vlogs!


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GoPro Hero 4 Black edition.
Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

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♡ I hope you have a wonderful trip wherever in the world you’re going! ♡


49 thoughts on “MOST AMAZING DHOLKI! | Pakistani pre-wedding party (Pakistan #4)”

  1. Wait is that Tauseeq Haider?
    How come he is your uncle?

  2. waqar khan says:

    I was told that the pan courses cancer

  3. Asif Khan says:

    @11:25 that chick by the closet is like I'm tired of this shit 😛

  4. Sfs Maria says:

    Paan is betel leaf . It is usually had after a big meal after the dessert etc . It not only acts as a mouth freshener but( according to my Nani )also is a digestive.

  5. Yasmin ♥️ you looking So beautiful with Black Dress 👗

  6. amazing theme nice to see families at one place

  7. Lovely wedding Mash’Allah

  8. Altaf Jan says:

    You speak very beautiful

  9. i watch yoUr all vedioS 😇😇yoUr vedios like amazing fEeling and faimly type sO i watch yoUr all vedios and feel freshh and peacful😇😇

  10. Lol sad songs.. whyyyyy?

  11. Naz Khan says:

    Lolz doesnt your uncle remind you of Snap in Harry Potter?

  12. IFFI Ahmed says:

    The bride's brother is also a TV actor na ?

  13. There is another India which lies in Pakistan and we are a part of same family, culture and heritage. Love to all!! 🙂

  14. am665 says:

    Your videos deserve more views!

  15. emma khan says:

    your ever best vlogs are in pakistan

  16. agghh you guys follow bollywood music ,follow indian fashion yet pretend to hate india so much, come on stop the hypocrisy

  17. 😂😂😂😂😂😂hahahahahaha
    Jay jay shiv shankar

  18. U looking aws I can't describe in wrd

  19. Hahahahaha jai jai shiv Shankar….in Muslim wedding 😂😂😂😂

  20. wow wonderwoman in pakistan .BDW after Indians, Pakistanis have a birth right on bollywood for sure .

  21. Jai Jai Shiv Shanker being sung in a Muslim Pre-Wedding ceremony… 😀 So much in the name of Pakistani Tradition.. ;-D

  22. Ankit says:

    A very good video. I cannot resist watching other similar videos of your. They are addicitive.
    Glad to see the cultural similarity between India and Pakistan.

  23. You resemble a lot with Gal Gadot the Hollywood Actress

  24. absinghal says:

    Muslims singing "Jai jai shiv shankar" with glee in their weddings? Am I going crazy? Not that I mind though. We have assimilated quite a bit of Muslim culture as well.

  25. Bikash sah says:

    Omg siv sankar….great 😄😄😄

  26. did ur uncle tauseeq work at PTV…

  27. the girl who sag, her voice is amazing

  28. Me encantan tus videos. Pronto ya iré por esos lados 😊

  29. throwing money……………….. really………………. need little more education…..

  30. 5:12 Wow you can speak urdu….
    In Pakistani Accent…

  31. All song is soooo good i from karachi

  32. Rocky Khan says:

    10:10 thats what she said😉😂😂😂

  33. That's the Awesome catering and food.would you like to tell me who cater this

  34. you should use little urdu language also

  35. IBI BOI says:

    I know the groomsmen there my cousins !!

  36. Majid Ali says:

    that kid can dance like SRK but gaud dont let him sing please XD

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