Pakistan is a safe country for Tourist. as per German lady

How Safe is Pakistan? (Our take)

Pakistan is AWESOME. It’s got all the natural scenery you could ever dream of and a host of rich cultures to learn about. Add A LOT of history and you’ve got yourself a prime travelling destination.

It’s not really thought of as safe though, which is somewhat undeserving.

Granted, Pakistan does experience periods of political instability, and sectarian violence in some corners of the country.

On top of that, there are natural hazards to consider as well. Pakistan is in a major earthquake zone and sometimes monsoons can bring heavy rains and flooding.


Pakistan is a vastly misrepresented country. 

The grand majority of Pakistan is very safe for travelers. Whilst you MIGHT have to travel with an armed police escort in some places, you shouldn’t let that put you off the lure of the mountains, gleaming glaciers, and lush forests. These guards are here to protect you!

If you’re with an organized tour group, then you will have even more security measures in place while visiting Pakistan. Companies like Epic Backpacker Tours have turned over every rock on their expeditions and are very capable when it comes to your safety.

Check out our list of the best Pakistan tours for more information!

Is Pakistan Safe to Visit? (The facts.)

The fact is, Pakistan is a difficult country to visit. That’s just how it is. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that Pakistan isn’t safe.

In many places, Pakistan is no different than India in terms of the hustle and bustle.

Tourism is ACTUALLY growing in Pakistan; rapidly. (The warm, welcoming and hospitable people definitely contribute to that.) The Pakistan government predicts that by 2025, the tourism industry will contribute 9.5 billion dollars to the economy. That really is A LOT.

More and more people are visiting Pakistan every year, either on their own or with organized tours. In 2017, 1.75 million tourists visited Pakistan. Rewind 10 years back to 2007 and the number of visitors was just 876,000. It’s growing alright.

In 2018, the British Backpacking Society rated Pakistan as one of their top destinations.

Obviously, there ARE risks. In certain parts of the big cities, there are moderate levels of street crime but nothing compared to, say, South America. Pakistan also ranks 151 out of 163 countries ranked on the 2018 Global Peace Index, but, to be fair, it still ranks above Russia. At the end of the day, none of these issues are stopping people from visiting.

Be aware of the risks, do your research, and it will be safe to visit Pakistan.


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