Pakistan Railway Train Struggling in Laki Hill Sehwan Sindh Journey

Railway Journey Diesel Locomotive of Pakistan Railways Train Mohenjo Daro 213 Up is struggling in the Laki Hills near Sehwan Sharif Sindh Pakistan. I’m Traveling Pakistan by Train, Pakistan Railways train Mohan Jodaro Passenger 213up is Passing through Lakki Hills Range in Sindh on Kotir Attock Main Railway line 2. In this video, Railway Journey between Lakki Shah Sadar and Sehwan Sharif. Diesel Locomotive best performance, Beautiful Landscape, mountain views, along with the National Highway N 55 and west bank of River Indus in Dadu District of Sindh Province. A Short Railroad journey. Lakki Hills are located to the south of Mancher lake, The Range is 50 miles long between Kirthar national park Mountain and Sehwan Sharif.
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26 thoughts on “Pakistan Railway Train Struggling in Laki Hill Sehwan Sindh Journey”

  1. Very nice travel my dear friend!

  2. Another enjoyable video! Thanks.

  3. shakir Ali says:

    سبحان اللہ ماشااللہ

  4. bijoy das says:

    Out of the world scenery. Only desert, hills and desolation. Do people live there? I know Sehwan Sharif because of the bargah of Sakhi Shahbaz Qalander Jhulelal.

  5. bijoy das says:

    Why not use two locomotives? Pull and push.

  6. Muy lbueno el video amigo. Y otra cosa que esta rebueno lo que vas hablando lo traducis al castellano.

  7. Aslamualikum Brother can you tell me please that how can I support you by sending you some money, I would love to support your channel as I am a great fan of rail in general any especially Pakistan railways particularly because of my very nice memories. Jizak Allah.

  8. 1 sawal uth gya achank se mre zehan me. ky jb quetta me train k sat age peche 2 engine hoty hato ya sehwan me pahari pr 1 ku?

  9. Very good video my dear.
    .. .. knowledge about pakistan railway and around the r. track.
    Master jagdish singh Sroay Jalandhar East Punjab India.

  10. They dont have train washpit? Very dirty condition of coaches! and the track condition is very poor looks likes a century old tracks! They need to replace this!

  11. مجھے پاکستان اور اس سے وابستہ ہر چیز سے پیار ہے. پاکستان ریلوے زندہ باد 🚂

  12. This is not national high way it is Indus highway….

  13. Vipin Jain says:

    Well davlap contri Pakistan. Nice video.

  14. Wow! The location is so beautiful! Even a barren landscape can be beautiful… I wish I could travel in this route

  15. K K says:

    very beautiful , please make road videos also . travel videos .

  16. Bahut axhi video hai tarar sahab,,, train her turning per khoobsurat nazar aai..

  17. Pakistan is a beautiful country . But pak railway needs lot of improvements.

  18. Tech pak says:

    tracks are poor still wooden base which is already expired

  19. Bro no national highway
    Indus highway

  20. Train to aage chal rahi jese patriyo par bahut se gadde ho

  21. kriassg says:

    Very good video. Nice to watch

  22. Thank you Tarar Support. I watched this video again and again. My hats off to British Railway Engineers who designed such great projects of laying railway lines all over sub-continent, particularly in this difficult terrain of Sindh, Baluchistan and former NWFP and to hardworking subcontinent workers who toiled in 19th and early 20th century to complete the railways the harvest which we are reaping. The real persons were those whose names no body takes who built these railways and great infrastructure of bridges and culverts using imported steel from Britain our minds boggle to see all this. A news no body tells that what British could not do in laying railway lines in Kashmir because of rugged and very difficult terrain India has constructed a modern railway joining Sri-Nagar and other areas with rest of Indian Railways using hundreds of miles of tunnels without outside help like China. Study it and tell people of Pakistan that rely on yourself not on China.

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