Pakistan Railways 30 Dn Shah Rukne Alam Express in beautiful weather

Southbound MUL-KHI train leaving Bahawalpur city for Karachi


10 thoughts on “Pakistan Railways 30 Dn Shah Rukne Alam Express in beautiful weather”

  1. V K says:

    Abhi tak diesel chala rahe ho? Bijli nahin pahunchi abhi tak.

  2. Bhen ke lodo thoda to kharcha karva liya kro….chain wala fatak bhenchodo…

  3. Nice. but don't u think u started recording a bit too early??

  4. MADARCHOD Ghulam Blour !!!!

  5. nice video yaar aur bhi upload karo yaar i like pakistan railway videos

  6. Pak Railz says:

    @sasPRfan I use " Canon Powershot A540 " for capture videos.

  7. nice video in nice weather
    i think that reason of poor audio is strong wind blowing at the time of video
    thanks and post more

  8. @Adnanrail …i know, i tried to fix the settings but they didn't work….btw what camera did you use for your videos??

  9. Pak Railz says:

    Video is well but sound quality and level is very low.

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