Pakistan The Most Beautiful Country in the World | American Female Tourist | HDsheet

USA Female tourist who travelled whole world and Compile top ten list of Awesome Destinations, The most attractive and must visit countries. Most surprisingly Pakistan is her top 10 list.

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Fastest and youngest person record 27-Year-Old Woman To Become First Female Ever To Visit Every Country On Earth and give top 10 countries ranks and give Pakistan 5th position from 196 countries.she said about Pakistan

why to visit Pakistan she answered to get sense of Raw, Authentic Asian Culture and for the food
More she added about her travel
Pakistan was one of many wonderfully educational and culturally enriching experiences

Video Include Beautiful Aerial View of Northern Pakistan, Travel Diaries- Northern Areas of Pakistan, This is Skardu Pakistan not Switzerland by american female visit to Pakistan and Molana Tariq Jameel about Pakistan

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20 thoughts on “Pakistan The Most Beautiful Country in the World | American Female Tourist | HDsheet”

  1. Have been doing good job

  2. Pakistan Army isiZind abad Pakistan Zind abad

  3. RAJA Raja says:

    Always Welcome in Pakistan, Pakistan is more beautiful Country

  4. Don't drink water from wrong container. Just saying

  5. imran khan says:

    PAKISTAN is most attractive country of the world because it is the only country wich is God Gifted !!!

  6. imran khan says:


  7. Welcome to Pakistan
    Pakistan Zindabad

  8. now me! says:

    Love You Pakistan♥♥♥

  9. KP says:


  10. MIX TUBE says:

    Tori elaichi kaya karo awaz nahi nikalti aff ya wife say chupki vidio bana rahay ho

  11. Apki awaz bohat besuri hai

  12. Pakistan the worst country. It has illmanered muslims. Jai sri Ram.

  13. Top One says:

    lol although I'm a Pakistani and I never ever see this ice mountain or Islamabad or lahore or karachi or kashmir even tourists see Pakistan more than me i hope to see islamabad once in my life it look so beautiful place

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