PAKISTAN travel; First INDIAN Vlogger through PAKISTAN

What happens when an Indian visits remote areas of Pakistan? Most parts of Pakistan are off limits to Indians and hence Pakistan has always had a special place in my travel map.
My dream finally got realized after traveling to 180 countries, and my country #181 was a super special experience owing to my Indian origin.
I did not know what to expect, most friends from India discouraged me to travel since the relations between India and Pakistan were at an all time low in the later part of 2019. It definitely was quite an adventure.

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46 thoughts on “PAKISTAN travel; First INDIAN Vlogger through PAKISTAN”

  1. Please follow me on INSTAGRAM @SOARINGEAGLETROTS for more stories from Around the world

    Just want to let every one know that NO ONE in PAKISTAN paid for any part of this trip and it’s totally SELF SPONSORED.

  2. uبa id says:

    Heavn in earth 🌈🥀

  3. Which country visa you have? Indian passport is not allowed right?

  4. must visit world capital of hospitality…Peshawar

  5. I soooo want to visit pakistan someday!
    Beautiful country🥰

  6. Dew Balti says:

    Hidden tourism place gilgit baltistan………

  7. I suppose Indians aren't allowed for tourism in Pakistan then how did u make it

  8. Welcome dear brothers around the world especially indian

  9. I was very excited when I saw your videos. Heard that we need an invitation letter from a reputed tour company even if you have a foreign passport. Can u please guid which tour company or how u manage to get the invitation letter ? Thanks in advance

  10. Siva M says:

    I'm a US citizen having been born in India, can I still visit?

  11. yes every pakistani knows about BALAKOT,,,,,,, AND BTW ( THE TEA IS FANTASTIC)

  12. Rishab says:

    Unfortunately Indians should not get encouraged because he was only able to visit because he holds a US passport.

  13. PAK TV 77 says:

    Pakistan is a peaceful country. I love my pakistan 🇵🇰… Wellcome all foreigners

  14. We want gilgit Balochistan back it belongs to India and is our internal matter

  15. That was not the kargil road

  16. maani bhai says:

    اگر آپ واقعی انڈیا سے ہو تو آپکی ہمت کو پاکستانی قوم کا سلام

    مودی کا نفرت کا ڈرامہ انشا اللہ ختم ہو گیا ہے

  17. Please make video for Pakistan visa process

  18. lots of love from Pakistan Dear Bro ❤❤

  19. Bsdka humara national anthem chalata,Indian hai ki pakistani

  20. Mrs. Nawaz says:

    Your effort showed that…..human is actually cherished by optimism….being an indian travelling pakistan…looking for beauty❤ and positivity….u got somethin' man!

  21. Without information not a valuable ur video try to understand of utuber mountain trekar

  22. sky air says:

    aur video b bnao pakistan mein .i love this volog

  23. Wallah welcome <3
    come Karachi will give you a nice protocol 😉
    stay bless

  24. We would love to come to our area. We hope you like our Pakistan and people here and my house is my Gilgit-Baltistan. It is not possible for anyone to like us. Thanks so much for coming to Pakistan # long Levi Pakistan 🇵🇰 Pakistan 🇵🇰 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. Soon PoK will be a part of India !

  26. qm shah says:

    Respect and honour from Pakistan.

  27. my pakistan my homeland is very beautiful masha Allah
    we have natural beauty as well as heart beauty

  28. Nice vlog pakistan is super beautiful

  29. Welcome to Pakistan 🇵🇰✌️❤️🇮🇳

  30. 360 Tv says:

    I hit like before even watching it.😍😍🥰

  31. Sincere efforts by the unbiased people like u give the heavens a chance to revive and revitalize this subcontinent back to life and hope ,peace and prosperity . Otherwise what we have on both side ,corruption ,political dramas, underrated education and health facilities , poverty the cancer of society, hate indoctrination all by political stooges and recessive and hazy understanding of spirituality blurred by vested interests and hopelessness for co existence . Consequently we the dwellers of battlefield – jammu and Kashmir are roasted and plagued and confounded and decimated in the dogfight of two Nuke giants………BTW I APPRECIATE THE WORK OF BETTER UNDERSTANDING AND RECONCILIATION AND QUEST FOR WAY OUT TO DAWN OF PEACE AND SETTLEMENT.
    Prayers for peace from j&k

  32. Thanks for visiting Pakistan bro. I really got stunned the moment I watched an Indian tourist visiting Pakistan in the "Up Next" list. Immediately skipped to watch all other videos and started watching your videos because these are rare scenes when an Indian visiting Pakistan and exploring and describing about its beauty. I have no words what to say, how to thank you brother. I am really overwhelmed by this. You really capture with utmost professionalism……just one word………*Amazing*

    The way you ended the video by playing national anthem of Pakistan, so grateful for this. Hoping this will encourage more Indians and tourists around the globe to visit Pakistan. As a Pakistani, I also would like to explore India. Maybe one day, it will happen. I hope so.

    Lots of Love from Pakistan.

  33. I am a Pakistani and I have a blood relation with bharat . My cast is chouhan Rajput. Our ancestors adopted Islam 700 years ago. so all Indian well come to in Pakistan

  34. Nice video brother
    But dont take copyrighted content there will be copy right strike on your channel.
    Love from pk.

  35. Wow, what an intro.! I really enjoyed the video. Thanks for showing the positive side of Pakistan. 🇵🇰🇮🇳✌🏾🙏🏽

  36. How did you manage to get traval visa for pakistan ?

  37. Ai Ya says:

    wtf? who let this indian into Kashmir and GB?

  38. Ravi bhai nice to see you in pakistan and i am also lived in islamabad so please full video unload.

  39. Why you not take indian taranga (flag) with u and give Pakistan people and u will see they love it as like u show Pakistan flag

  40. 1 month OLD … I think so I'm
    ""late lattif"" 😂
    Most Welcome beloved EE neighbor in our Dill Dill 💚 🇵🇰💚
    Have a nice journey & trip
    …. Umeed ha
    batmeezi kisi na NAA ki ho AP k sath yhaun pa jaisy Hallat chal rehy bheyja🔥🔥🔥fry hn hmary 😑😂
    …. Stay blessed 🙏🌷 😊

  41. sajid k says:

    We Pakistani want peace with India and welcome to Pakistan all Indian

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