This was mainly filmed in Old Peshawar which is very traditional compared to New Peshawar.

I deliberately did not film women because it is against Pashtun culture so please do not ask me why I have done so.

Thank you so much for watching and for your comments.



32 thoughts on “PESHAWAR PAKISTAN”

  1. Paikhawar kho paikhawar de kana…

  2. raghup1 says:

    What a filthy country

  3. Beauty full Pakistan farm I'm napali i love you Pakistan ❤️😍

  4. Great city and very similar to Old Delhi 😄

  5. Ail Hassan says:

    My Favourite city Peshawer

  6. Me gusta mucho pienso viajar Estes año

  7. feiedu99 says:

    why there are almost no women in the street?

  8. Elsa Yanez says:

    Beautiful video ♥️

  9. Ahh Peshawar, populated by Pashtuns- An Iranic people related to Persians, Ossetians, etc instead of Indic people like Gujratis, and Punjabis.

  10. I love my Indian
    ❤❤❤❤se ho to like karo

  11. smasher 71 says:

    Im indian and i dont know why some indians in the comment section are saying bad about the city. Ancient cities like peshawar look beautiful as it is and they don't require changes . It is like changing history…cities should be developed as they have developed paris..modern with traditional beauty

  12. Woww Man amazing
    Peshawar Is Very Very Beautiful
    Zindgi Ne chaha to Ek
    din Peshawar Zarur Visit
    Love Respect
    from Amritsar

  13. SA kON says:

    Long life Peshawar our brothers

  14. Plz subscribe my channel
    پلیز زما چینل سبسکرائب کڑو

  15. Oh a sardar ji also seen in peshawar. It means its a safe place for non muslims.

  16. Love from india , kash dono mulk phir se ek ho jaye pehle ki tarah

  17. I miss you Peshawar 🇵🇰🇵🇰💓

  18. Pak ke log ahche he magar ye logo ko waha ke army or aatakvadi gareb he rakhna chahte he

  19. Kiya ferse india pak 1 ho skate hai

  20. Arey yaar dehaan say india k kalay hindu yhahan tatti karney aaye hain becharey 3 4 ki to mai phaar k aa raha hn baqi sab apna apna hisa daikh lein.. Thanks me later

  21. Your video is professional. Goid work

  22. AIZAZ KHAN says:

    Mara ta la sook ye charta khkuli zayona ba de kholi aw upload kari wo da tola dunya gori

  23. Khuda dono des ko mohabbat or bhai chara de

  24. I love pak Buteful pak

  25. Sab kuchh india jaisa hi hai

  26. So where were all the ladies ??????? People in Peshawar don't like ladies ???????

  27. Sadiq Khan says:

    Deer zabardast w salamoona khoshala aow abad osy

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