Rare Old Photos of Karachi | Biggest City of Pakistan

After partition, Karachi saw its golden days. Being the center of trade in Pakistan and with most of the revenue coming from this city, it was and still is the biggest city in Pakistan. Here are some classic images that show how Karachi has been modernized through time. Photos of Old Karachi Locations That Will Remind You of the City’s Golden Days.
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16 thoughts on “Rare Old Photos of Karachi | Biggest City of Pakistan”

  1. Old karachi didnt had corona.New karachi HAS CARONAVIRUS

  2. Nice picture is the best Pakistan

  3. Pakistan kya bana karachi kachra ban gaya.

  4. Zain Ali says:

    Thanks to mqm and ppp who destroyed our old karachi 😓


  6. Great city and lively people of Karachi.

  7. Yousuf Gee says:

    super collection

  8. Wadood Tv says:

    when chines came to Karachi in the 60's they were amazed by our infrastructure but now uffff

  9. Wazir Azam says:

    Anyone can see the development of Pakistan in 70 years as compare to India.

  10. Iliveinkarachilborninkarachillovekarachillovepakistan

  11. Kash ma es dore ma chali jyo

  12. Arham Khan says:

    karachi sadar look like a Canada City areas but noww Its look like A Box that we kept in it😭😩

  13. Anyone want Karachi to be capital?

  14. Molezinger says:

    Wow Karachi looked amazing back then now it looks like a concrete jungle with garbage all over the city But the people there are Great

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