Samundar Katha Lake | Murree Abbotabad | Travel Pakistan

Imagining a lake near #Murree is quite an exciting prospect and an added bounty for nature lovers. Located on one of the most beautiful roads of #Pakistan (Murree Abbotabad road), Samundar Katha #Lake may not be a natural lake but the lush green scenic geography makes it a major attraction for the tourists who visit Murree or Galiyaat.
Abbotabad to Samundar Katha lake
Distance: 38 km
Transport: Local (Toyota Hiace), Private (Car )
Travel Time: 40 -- 50 minutes
Road Condition: last 2 kilo meter road is not good
On the way and at location:
Cellular Coverage: Available
Lodging: 1 hotel is being constructed on location
Food: Sancks and tea (Friday-Saturday-Sunday Biryani available)
Other Facilities: General Stores, Medical Stores, Toilet
Murree to Samundar Katha Lake
Distance: 51 km
Transport: Local (Toyota Hiace), Private (Car)
Travel Time: 60-75 minutes


24 thoughts on “Samundar Katha Lake | Murree Abbotabad | Travel Pakistan”

  1. AJ5314!! says:

    Salaam janaab. Is it allowed to swim there? Kya swiming kar sakhta banda?

  2. Ma Sha Allah
    Azad Kashmir pr b video shot kro bro

  3. N. Sid says:

    The road with thick forests on both sides is more stunning than the small lake…many a times journey is more beautiful than the destination. Tourists areas should be avoided and unexplored least visited areas are more stunning…

  4. Pakistan is Maa Shaa Allah very beautiful. I would love to visit these places .

  5. Wow it’s so beautiful.

  6. Jang i says:

    Mr Umar. You have made beautiful videos. Of beautiful Places. Gould You please guide me how can i Get to some travel Office in pakistan. Who. Arranges. These trips för tourists. Please.

  7. Too small a place, overcrowded during tourist season, trash all around. One time visit may be all right.

  8. mahaallah bohat peari jaga hai

  9. آپ نے بڑی عمندہ وڈیو بنائی ہے مجھے بے حد پسند آئی

  10. Ashif Reja says:

    Beautiful place love from india

  11. تیریاں اکھاں ڈونگا سمندر
    ترنا پیا تے تر تُر لاں گے
    واہ واہ کیا خوبصورت شاہکار پیش کیا ہے کے پی کے حکومت نے۔ مری جانے کا مزہ دوبالا ہو جائے گا اب۔

  12. Pine Hills says:

    Excellent one Bro…very well done and keep it up…👍👌👏

  13. All In One says:

    Are mujhe to maloom hi nhi tha ki pakistan me itne khoobsurat nazare h

  14. adil habib says:

    abbotabad my hometown thank u

  15. Pakistan is Heaven on earth
    Pakistan is very very Respectable Country for us 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  16. MashAllah bhai bhut peyari jaga hai awesome❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹🌹👍👌🇸🇦🇵🇰🌹🌹🌹

  17. Adventure psand tmam bhay meray channel ko b subscribe kar dein plz

  18. Jaha per visit kary us jaga safai ka khayal raky especially

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