Swat Valley Pakistan | Swat Valley Tourism | Swat Valley Beauty [Urdu]

Pakistan is ever Green but today we show you a green valley of Pakistan who is called By the tourism the Switzerland of Pakistan Swat is a Great and Beautiful Valley of Pakistan, Swat Valley of Pakistan Documentary in Urdu Must Watch Full Video and Enjoy,
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Video: National Ka Pakistan

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28 thoughts on “Swat Valley Pakistan | Swat Valley Tourism | Swat Valley Beauty [Urdu]”

  1. Bhai Jan jub Pata nahi to q video banaty ho u r showing skardu also plz don't do like this

  2. ایک ویڈیو ٹنڈا زیارت پر بھی بناو بہت خوبسرت ے

  3. Mash Allah bahi nice video

  4. Khobsurat jaga or janat swat

  5. Irshad Ali says:

    I am living swat I love swat

  6. Irshad Ali says:

    Swat to swat hi I love swat swat k bagher m zinda nhi reh sakta

  7. Nice videos. Beautiful place beautiful mountains beautiful waterfalls tks for beautiful videos.

  8. Welcome to swat our sweet home.🏍

  9. I'm from swat wall came to the swat swat are so beautiful

  10. Beautiful place in pakistan

  11. Very nice and informative video thanks

  12. Ayaz Khan says:

    بھای جان وادی دیر کی بارے میں بھی ایک ویڈیوں بناو۔۔۔

  13. Ayaz Khan says:

    Bro Dir valley ke baray mai bhi video banao

  14. Photage not related withe Swat

  15. Thank you brother u have visited to swat and share your view with the world. Thumbs up for u

  16. gran khan says:

    I live in swat and I see whole swat

  17. Bhai kalam k baghir swat adhi hai app no kalam k kio bahs nai k.? The sweetzearland of is kalam….
    I am from kalam

  18. پاکستان کا مطلب کیا لا الہ الااللہ⁦🇵🇰⁩💖

  19. Me swat se ho swat me aisa jaga nahi jese m ne nahi dekhe ho poora awat chaan mara hai me ne Jannat ka aik Tokra hai

  20. Usman Mani says:

    Bhai agr local ana ho lahore se to kesy ain

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