Taftan | Pakistan Iran Border | Balochistan | Vlog # 30 |

Taftan is a commercial town located in Pakistan Iran border, which is located 660 kilometers from Quetta and the journey take 9 hours to reach.

In this video, we share on the journey from Quetta to Taftan, visit of the grape garden, lunch, visit of Pakistan Iran border and Shopping at Taftan.

If you want to buy the Barbecue Frame, You can buy it from Quetta and Taftan only,

From Quetta,
1. Super Cold Drink,
Gali # 2, Infront of Geologocal Survey Office,
Sariab Road, Quetta, Balochistan.
Mohammad Usman,

2. Tuhedi and Co,
Haji Saeed Ahmed, London Road, Taftan
Mobile # 0333-7871313
Phone # 0825-415700

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Location on Google Map:
Taftan, Chagai, Balochistan

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40 thoughts on “Taftan | Pakistan Iran Border | Balochistan | Vlog # 30 |”

  1. Xubi Vet says:

    You are covering best places of Pakistan and beauty of Balochistan keepit up brother…..

  2. Im from Punjab, kia mai balochistan visit kr sakta hu…?
    I love Balochistan

  3. I am Punjabi, great job bhai keep it up 👍 love Pakistan ❤️ love Blochistan

  4. AL- Noor says:

    سندھ ھو پنجاب ھو, خیبر پختونخواہ ھو یا بلوچستان,,,,
    نکھرا,نکھرا اجلا اجلا پیارا پاکستان,

  5. Mr Jami says:

    Thanks a lot for nice video sir….v love Iran
    God bless you

  6. Anyone here after corona?

  7. MashaAllah brother you are doing a great job. I'm really inspired by you. I can see a very kind person in you. I've sub you

  8. I like your brown juttis. very elegant

  9. Iranian good food stuff et all are very good….

  10. Come to panjgur bordering with Iran

  11. زبردست یار اللہ پاک آپ کو خوش رکھے اپنا ملک دیکھتے ہو بہت اچھی اور معلوماتی ویڈیو ہے

  12. yeh dukan Iran me hy ya Pakistan me?

  13. Achi video hai, I liked it very much

  14. I really want to drive an SUV on that highway

  15. Bai jaan jan quetta ki b video banye

  16. Can you please tell me the main city names while driving from Quetta to Taftan?

  17. Shahid Ali says:


  18. Khan Ji says:

    ماشاء اللہ

  19. Bhae narz hoye ga baat pochni thi k Punjab k log bhi balochistan ki sair kr sakty hain

  20. Raja Zafar says:

    Masahalla zabrdast video (love from gujarkhan)

  21. If I send you money can you mail me the bbq grill?

  22. sir is there any hurdels or problems for punjaian,s the people of punjab or others

  23. zeen KAHN says:

    I bought iranian honey in karkhanu market peshawar..n it when it was cooled down it had sugar…never trust iranian honey.

  24. Custom checking ka to batyn

  25. Very interesting video..well picturised & decent …

    Lovely blochistan❤️

  26. Qamar Ali says:

    Mashallah beautiful place

  27. سورج ہو یا سرحد ہو ہم سے کوئی دور نہیں
    دل کس کی تعریف کرے ہر گوشہ ہے آپ حسین

  28. آپ کا بہت بہت شکریہ ہمیں پاکستان کے خوبصورت مقامات کے سیر کروانے کیلئے 🇵🇰❤️

    میرے پیارے ہم وطنوں!
    صفائی کا خوب خیال رکھیں اور ہمارے پیارے ملک پاکستان کو عظیم سے عظیم تر بنانے میں اپنا کردار ادا کریں

  29. 2:53
    مالِ مفت دلِ بے رحم 🤩😂🤣😭😅❤️

  30. Omer TV says:

    Beautiful is the land I was born in!

  31. Balochistan aur tribal areas ki taraqi Pakistan ki taraqi hai! Balochistan or tribals ki culture or traditions ko tasleem kerna chahiyay! Enhy ayeen ka hissa banana chahiyay…. Saqafat ka tahhafuz kerna chahiyay! Tourism ko barhaana chahiayay! Yay humara pyara pakistan hai! Esi trah tribals aur Balochistan k logoun ko kisi aik fard ki ghalti ko Pakistan ki Ghalti nahi banana chahiyay! Pakistan k liyay jitni qurbaniyan tribals or Balochistan k logoun ny di hain, kisi nay nahi dein! Sab nay mil ker aagy barhna hai! Sab tribals paindabad Pakistan Zindabad

  32. I really pray that Imran khan brings hope back to the people of Balochistan and other tribal regions! Focus on providing fundamental facilities, develop the region and any govt force that is ever accused of attrocities against the locals for any reason be held accountable!

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