What was it exactly that made me love this place? I guess by the end of the video you can decide for yourself…

Ancient mysteries. Fields of gold. Friends wherever you go. The most beautiful tea ever. An epic fort tragically on the verge of collapse. The story of a princess who turned down her own castle, a king who was kicked out of a Rolls Royce showroom -- and his revenge. And so much more!

watch the trailer to start the series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LIKz5kIPPQ&t
watch Episode I: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohjjY5LdwEc


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beautiful main song (3:24 & 11:35 & 13:23 & 22:35 & end): “Can’t Say Goodbye” by Lone Waves
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sweeping song (10:36): “Happy Feelings” by Dj Quads


upbeat song (11:03 & 12:25): “Happiness Overload” by Galoski
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sad song (19:07): “Legend” by Ryan Taubert
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32 thoughts on “THIS IS PAKISTAN”

  1. i really fell in love with this girl's beauty. i like u. u r great. keep it up.

  2. Mbk Mbk says:

    """Nawab used …..Rolls Royc cars for cleaning the streets…….👍🤣👍🤣👍🤣

  3. A S says:

    I must say you carry yourself with such elegance and ease, it makes the video even better. Seeing your love for Pakistan really hits my heart.

  4. Buter fly says:

    I most love ur neckless dear…….

  5. Love you from China, we are friend~!

  6. Syed Raza says:

    Hey can you also mention the clothing brand you used while visiting Pakistan.

  7. Thanks for visiting my lovely country Pakistan, ALLAH KAREEM BLESS you 🇵🇰👍🏻

  8. Hamza HJ says:

    lot of love and respect from Pakistan😍

  9. kot sultan says:

    Beautiful Pakistan Love from India

  10. Shahid says:

    I am of Pakistani decent and live in Madison Wisconsin. Word of Advice: have someone accompany you when you travel, around the cities in places like Pakistan

  11. Your eyes so nice dear welcome Pakistan

  12. I love my cntry love you Pakistan welcm cutey dear

  13. I m love Pakistan but live from Italia

  14. I have a désire to visit Larkana Sindh and I found/searched nearest airport is MohanJoDaro where I can see you explaining about beautiful historical city. what I am not able to find ant hotel to stay…can you please advice/Guide and inform for decent available hotels you stayed or recomend with name and address

  15. I'm very happy and cheerfulness. Because you love to these places. Always you may live long. Always you happy happy happy so happy. I love you.

  16. Kay One says:

    .please, where are you from?

  17. Kay One says:

    Nice vidios man,greating from afghanish man.

  18. Adam Tech says:


  19. MrSmalik21 says:

    Great video and wonderful place

  20. yama jab says:

    One day is this haramy land be not more in Asia

  21. No pakistan is not a country

  22. Well come to pak dear sisiter.!!🌹

  23. Pakistan Zindabad.Pakistan Army Zindabad

  24. jiji309 says:

    Pakistan is beautiful <3

  25. hahaaaa story of the car…😂😂

  26. raja Saud says:

    Your eyes can you give me your eyes Your eyes are killer

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