Top 15 Beautiful Wives of Pakistani Cricketers

Top 15 Beautiful Wives of Pakistani Cricketers

Real Life of Sohai Ali Abro -- Pakistani Actress

Real Life of O Rungreza Actors -- Episode 11 -- 6 October 2017

Behind The Scenes of Alif Allah Aur Insaan Drama -- Last Episode 25 -- 10 October 2017

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40 thoughts on “Top 15 Beautiful Wives of Pakistani Cricketers”

  1. Love & respect from India, wish long life & good health.

  2. No daut Pakistani ladkiya bhut khubsurat hoti nice

  3. Among all crickter Pakistan captains wife so pretty

  4. Jay Kumar says:

    Ahmed shazad wife beautiful

  5. Ye com nafarat failane mai bahut sunder hai yahi hai such ham jie aur sab mare yahi niyam hai inka

  6. The reason Pakistani girls are differently beautiful because their genes.A mix race of Pathans, Persian, Caucasian & middle eastern. They look kinda more Western than Asian.Tall , slim, glowing complexion & beautiful hair.

  7. Where was salman butt, junaid khan, imad wasim, hasan ali,

  8. Ye 1947 nahi hona chaiye tha

  9. Muslim girl very beautiful

  10. All Muslim girls r beautiful

  11. Iam Indian but I admire Iranian , Pakistanis all Muslim girls r so beautiful.l am working with Muslims girls.

  12. Waseem akram ke mulk mein koi muslim girl nahi thi aur shoaib malik bechare inzimam ke daur kaptani mein dadhi badhai the lekin…..? Mera matlab orthodoxness nahi lekin Muslims ko apne minium daire me ho a chahiye

  13. Nasir Amir says:

    Only farhat wife likly and respectly

  14. উমর আকমালের বউ বুড়া

  15. Zabrdast… New subscriber stay connected

  16. I came here for thumbnail girl

  17. Nice.but only 2 or 3 ladys are looking Muslim.

  18. all pakistani wife are beautiful

  19. Dark Dark says:

    Very beautiful womans since I am form india I don't know much about Pakistani actress but till then after watching this video I can say that Pakistani actress are very beautiful very good keep going on I think some day both of our country will come together as a friendly Neighbor

  20. R Prince says:

    Pig's wife was beautiful

  21. Mike H says:

    Wahab Diaz and sarfataz wife have same name???

  22. If my opinion shoaib akhtar and his wife is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. Best best best…. Shahid Afridi and Nadia… Ma, sha Allah

  24. Sania mirza is no more beautiful at all. Shez just like a week sparrow… 😂😂😂lol

  25. Pakistani women are very beautiful.
    Why are the men so ugly?

  26. Yeh ladkiyan thodi hai .ye sab to production humans hai .jinko khali bache paida karna hai woh bhi unlimited .

  27. I want to married pakistani girls from Bangladesh seriously

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