Top Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan Must Visit in 2020|Urdu Hindi

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Top Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan Must Visit in 2020|Urdu Hindi

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful rich in beauty, a large number of foreign tourists visit here but still when it comes to beautiful countries, in mind only Maldives, Baku, Italy, France, and Switzerland, etc.

They also include a large number of Pakistanis who always talk about going abroad. Maybe they do not know how beautiful Pakistan is, so let’s talk about some of the most beautiful places in Pakistan called ‘Paradise ‘.
Hunza Valley:
Hunza Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan. The Hunza Valley is located in the mountainous region of Gilgit- Baltistan, the Hunza Valley is surrounded by numerous mountains and rivers, adding to its beauty, and hence the Hunza Valley is home to the mountains and rivers.
Whether it is summer or cold, autumn or spring, the valley looks so beautiful that the eyes of man do not disappear from it, in the winter when the valley is sunk with leafy leaves and the rivers of this place are covered with ice. If so, it seems as if ‘paradise’ has arrived on earth, and even more, charming canyons seem to be seen when the red and orange leaves on the trees are covered in snow during the autumn season.
A large number of snow leopards, Markhor, and red striped foxes are found here.
Saif Ul Malook:
Saif Ul Malook Lake is also one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. The lake is located near the Naran in the Kaghan Valley. It is well-known here that ‘fairies descend’ at night.
Filled with blue and transparent water, the lake’s true beauty lies in the midst of its ‘sky-high mountains’. The water of the Saif Ul Malook Lake is so clear that the mirror of the mountains around it is noticeable, which no one can believe is a mirror, but it looks like there are mountains inside the lake.

Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan but also Asia, about 120 km from Gilgit, because of the Hunza Valley in the border of Gojal, also known as ‘Gojal Lake’ It is best known as Attabad Lake.
Attabad Lake is not very old, but after the land sliding event in 2010, it suddenly emerged, people say it is a rare gift from God. The beauty of the lake can be gauged from the fact that the Saif Ul Malook does not look beautiful even after moving here.

The original beauty of Lake Attabad Lake is visible in the summer when the snow has almost melted and the clear water is visible from afar.
Neelum Valley:
Neelum Valley is located in Azad Kashmir. Along with this valley, the river Neelum also got its name due to the river Neelum. Neelum is the name of a blue gemstone because the water in the lake is dark blue and was named as the river Sapphire.
The valley is one of the most beautiful valleys of Pakistan, where numerous springs of water flow, where mountains and vegetation are also present. Also every kind of ‘natural beauty’ is found here.
Satpara Lake:
Another beautiful lake of Pakistan, which is more than 3,000 meters high, lies on the way to Deosai, a few kilometers from Skardu. The water in the lake is so blue that the viewer is deceived that the real water is out, but the lake is really just as beautiful as it is seen in the pictures.
Satpara Lake is situated between the mountains like the rest of the lake. It is said that the water of this lake is sweet; therefore from here, the water flows into the surrounding valleys.
Shangrila Resort Skardu

Pakistan’s entertainment venues also include the name ‘ Shangrila Resort ‘, which is located some distance from Skardu. The beauty of this place is actually a restaurant that is built on the style of a craft.

Shangrila Resort is about 40 minutes by car from Skardu town.

Swat Valley:
Swat Valley, located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, is called Asia’s ‘Switzerland’. This address was given to Swat by the British Queen at the visit of Pakistan in 1961.
Swat is a green valley with high mountains and clear transparent lakes, which is one of the leading tourist destinations in the country.

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