Traveling to PAKISTAN: Everything You Need to Know

What’s Pakistan like? That’s a question I get very often from foreign travellers. In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know about travelling to Pakistan if you’re a foreigner -- from what clothes you should wear in Pakistan, to the visa requirements and restricted places in Pakistan, Pakistani food, and much much more. Tune in to understand more about this beautiful country.


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40 thoughts on “Traveling to PAKISTAN: Everything You Need to Know”

  1. I want to go to Pakistan with my wife, but unfortunately after these complex procedures, I will not go.

  2. M. R Dars says:

    Hey Eva Zu plzz 🙏 Come Back Pakistan is Missing you

  3. SAK u2b says:

    Ahhh I wish I could have found the words to thank you Eva
    All what can say is just

  4. I hope someday i come to pakistan.. Inshaallah im from Philippines 🇵🇭

  5. M. R Dars says:

    Eva Zu We Pakistanis Thankful to you 🇵🇰❤❤
    I have not words To say you thanks ..

  6. Nil Zensei says:

    Eva zu Beck👏👏👏

  7. sam vicky says:

    Northern areas more beautiful then any another country 💓 that

  8. sam vicky says:

    Pakistan 🇵🇰 is one of the beautiful country in the world 🌍 and people are so amazing caring and loving 🥰!!!

  9. Anyone have any recommendations for private tour guides in Pakistan? I’m looking at visiting Pakistan in early 2021 and I’m very much interested in visiting the Northern regions of the country and I’m looking to stay in Pakistan for 2 or three weeks.

  10. Pakistan is such a beautiful place but the media doesn’t show this side

  11. Amir Wahid says:

    Love ❤️ pakistan 🇵🇰

  12. Om Village says:

    What camera did you use to film this with???? Wow

  13. Mian Aleem says:

    Pakistan is beautiful & safe country for Tourism

  14. Rasheed Oh says:

    thank you so much for information i love to visit there

  15. Thank you for the info Eva…

  16. Where did you stay in Islamabad it's very beautiful and homely.

  17. Eddi Malon says:

    No alcohol, what about smoking hashish? is slowed?

  18. Eva i want to ask you something what is your location ??

  19. Fuck UP says:

    I hv gotten literally sick with ur Pak Vdeos…yet I watch again n again …cos I am literally sick with Eva's beauty.

  20. hello from australia,good on you eva , i hope that pakistan becomes a great place to travel , but they do have a few issues to clear up …

  21. Pakistan is constantly evolving. Now it has Visa Free acces for 175 countries…

  22. Watching this as my husband is from Pakistan and is going to take me there next summer.

    I'm screwed… i don't like meats or spicey foods. I don't like bare feet. I don't like attention.

  23. Thank you thank you thank you so much. Everyone has been telling me I'm crazy for wanting to drive to Pakistan; they say it's dangerous, especially as a woman alone… But just hearing you talk about it (as a woman (alone?)) makes me realize that my initial instinct of the media sucking and everyone exaggerating about how ' dangerous' it is just because they're ignorant, was more correct than all those people's (and the government's travel advice for Pakistan) fears about it 🙂 <3 <3 <3 I needed to hear this from someone who's actually experienced it, and I'm so grateful.

  24. Ava when you came next time in Pakistan so use mehndi of Karachi when you dressing of culture me be mehndi also part of culture….thanks

  25. Hi, I am from Pakistan. I don't like to travel, but I have a piece of special advice for everyone is that there are lots of bad people surround u. You never know. The stealing is happening in Pakistan a lot. What I want u to do, is to put special things in your home safe and sound before coming to Pakistan, there should be only one bag. Also, some bad people kidnapped girls. Keep your daughters safe and sound. Same for the kids. So plz pay attention to my advice.

  26. I'm from azad Kashmir and I'm going there this Friday coming

  27. I've only been in Karachi

  28. Noman Ali says:

    Loose Trousers with full sleeve long shirts covering your lower back and no cleavages no transparent fabric . if you follow this dress code you will be seen with respect.

  29. You are a polish girl. Why do you scream and overplay emotions like an american dumbfu….?

  30. Thank u so much dear no words for u

  31. Now easy to get visa for pakistan. also finished restrictions too. Now no need any N.O.C . Can visit any place in Pakistan

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