Undiscovered Places in Beautiful Pakistan | Chham Waterfall & Zalzaal Lake | Jehlum Valley

An area where 300 people were buried alive at the time of Earthquake in 2005 and whole AJK was damaged badly during that situation.

Go and watch the first episode of Ganga Choti:

If you are a traveler and wants to explore the new places then take a step ahead and just do it.

Pakistan is so Beautiful that you even can not imagine where to go and what to leave for visit.

Chham Waterfall and Zalzaal Lake are of those best places to visit first time in my life as those are not famous ones but really happy to tell you that these are just “WOW”

I am happy to visit and yes sponsored are welcome to my channel and i can go with them 😛

Special thanks to agri tours for arranging that tour:

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Chakkar Highland Resort by Hussain Mustafa:

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