Village Life In Pakistan | A Day In Kotli Village | All Things Anisa

Heyyyy y’allll! So if you follow me on my Instagram, you would know I visited this beautiful village called Kotli, I think my dads grandparents were from here and we went to visit some of his family! It was the most surreal experience, I absolutely loved it! Let me know whether you did in the comments down below! Thank you so much for all of your support, I really mean it x

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41 thoughts on “Village Life In Pakistan | A Day In Kotli Village | All Things Anisa”

  1. Assalam o alukium ma be qila didar Singh sa hu

  2. Zak Zargar says:

    I might see you I will be going for big eid in August

  3. Zak Zargar says:

    I'm from kotli back home too omg

  4. Punjabi is funny community

  5. I m also from thr but hard to recognise this area

  6. It’s nice you youngsters love Pakistan,never forget your mother land.

  7. Ohooo bout yaad hata hai apna kishmair yaar

  8. Aiish X says:

    Ye phupho ko pakarana hy
    Phupho – daffa hooo


  9. I could wish to visit also but I am bit s scared visiting Pakistan

  10. All you have videos so beautiful ….

  11. Fascinating great video, I really hope to go one day when things calm down.

  12. Ahl Andrie says:

    Hi i was looking for your youtube and finally found it.
    I like how you just record it with just talking less
    It makes me feel like im with u and i just wanna say you're really pretty and awesome!

  13. Accha Laga video dekhkar sukriya thanks Satbir Jatt

  14. Who do you vote in this village ?

  15. Mashallah❤😍💋
    I miss pk😣
    Awesome vid❤

  16. Sadu 2828 says:

    0:10 Pakistanio ke struggles

  17. Pakistan me kotali kandil ya kandeer jagah hai kya uski tahsil baag hai ya thi kisi ko malum ho toh batana plz….

  18. Yassrah says:

    It's a true paksitani landscape and village 😄😄 I love it

  19. Mk M says:

    Thats soo fun
    I want to go too

  20. Funta Kids says:

    Great Work Anisa 🙂

  21. Kiran Ali says:

    Nice I really enjoyed it love u anisa

  22. Hi apparently you watched Ittefaq in cinemas I have it on TV is it worth watching? That was so random but I loved your Kotli vlog it was really good how you showed whatever you were doing and your fun. Keep up the good videos. 😘😘😘❤❤❤💋💋💋💕💕💗💖💓💜

  23. Haye Mujy apna village yad aagy 😢

  24. Zeni Lia says:

    Wowww loved itt.. I love their punjabi😍😍

  25. obviously love this video GANGGGGGG

  26. Yeah done very job guys👍

  27. Rabia Asif says:

    Omg I’m so happy omg I’m from kotli!!!! I could tell my house is just around you in this video next time I go to Pakistan and if you’re there we should meet !! Since I’m in America and ur from idek lmaoo

  28. Man i miss my pind in Pakistan

  29. Hawaa Shah says:

    I miss my family in packistan

  30. Plzzzzz make daily v log i really miss u

  31. Can u please do a video on how to save videos offline on YouTube x

  32. Village life is the one

  33. Ayesha A says:

    The rickshaw shot was so cool! Loved seeing this part of Pakistan 😁

  34. Q&a if u can speak phari 😘😘✌🙆❤❤

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