Why Do Pakistan And Bangladesh Hate Each Other?

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Saudi Arabia’s new king has strong ties to a version of Islam called Wahhabism. ISIS also claims strong ties to Wahhabism. So, what is Wahhabism, and how does it affect this region?

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Study: The Involvement of Salafism/Wahhabism in the support and supply of arms to rebel groups around the world

Saudi funding of ISIS
“At present, there is no credible evidence that the Saudi government is financially supporting ISIS. Riyadh views the group as a terrorist organization that poses a direct threat to the kingdom’s security.”

How Saudi Wahhabism is the fountainhead of Islamist terrorism
“No matter which organizational connections (if any) ultimately prove to be real, one thing is clear: the fountainhead of Islamic extremism that promotes and legitimizes such violence lies with the fanatical “Wahhabi” strain of Islam centered in Saudi Arabia.”

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What does Saudi Arabia’s New King Mean For The World?


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47 thoughts on “Why Do Pakistan And Bangladesh Hate Each Other?”

  1. Irfan iffi says:

    I'm pakistani and i love Bangladesh 🇧🇩 we are brothers

  2. Ashwin Roy says:

    Love my bengali brothers from india
    No respect pakistan.
    India independent bangladesh from east pakistan

    Hence. India and Pakistan war in 1971. And india win this war from russia .and pakistan lost this war from us and uk

    But now us and uk knows pakistan is a terrorists country.
    Now, US and UK does not support pakistan because of pakistan is a lot to be taken from US and UK but nothing given.

  3. Mr. leon says:

    🇵🇰 Vs 🇧🇩

  4. Bro…..now they don't hate each other
    They hate us ( Indian hindus)

  5. Lol Lol says:

    We don’t hate each other at all I love my Pakistani brothers and all my Muslim brothers

  6. ABD says:

    The language movement took place at 1952, not 1962

  7. GAMER KH says:

    We don't hate Pakistan FROM BANGLADESH
    Pakistan we don't hate you love from Bangladesh

  8. we are PAKISTANI and we love all countries and peoples

  9. 1.7k says:

    Continue hate each other keep love with India 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. This is absolutely rubbish .. i am Bangladeshi and i live with my Pakistani and Indian brothers. We eat together. We hang out together. We help each other and we pray together and together we say “Allahu Akbar”. This is political issues. Politicians are blind for the love of dunya than Akhirah . We random citizens are good to each other always.

  11. we dont hate each other, we both are muslim brother country and it is our part of faith to love each other as our Prophet said, muslims are brother of each other….

  12. The only mistake is Pakistan

  13. I’m Bengali
    I hate Pakistan

  14. R. Hasan says:

    thats what you learnt from your useless text books….90% war was fought by bengali guerillas called mukti bahini and the bengali officers of east pakistan and also the soldiers of EPR( east pakistan rifles) ….pakistan attacked us in 25 th march and by the last week of april muktis entered bangladesh after 22 days training given by BSF and raw …i know 100 times more about this war than any general indian….my grandfather was a mukti guerilla…..so the notion that indian soldiers liberated bangladesh is totally false

  15. S b says:

    Love Pakistan from BD

  16. Background volume is high. Video is contentful. Congratulations for your effort. Please try for Nepal.

  17. Udoy Ahmed says:

    I am Bangladeshi and i always hate Pakistan and India

  18. I am from Bangladesh. I like Indians and Pakistanis but hate Indian and Pakistani (old) government .

  19. Peoples of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India do not hate each-others but few times they become excited when governments of their government shows them wrong pictures of neighborhood countries … Ya but still I would say that few Pakistani are engaged in terrorists acts…. Please don't do this … We three nations are brothers…..🇧🇩🇮🇳🇵🇰

  20. Everyone in Pakistan recognizes that Pakistan was politically incorrect in what we tried to do with Bengalis. Bhutto Yahya Khan messed it up big time. And we apologise for that.

  21. we Bangladeshi hate them because they started the war we didn't

  22. Jitna pyaar comments me hai usse to yehi lagta hai ki Bangladesh unite hoker phir se East Pakistan banega.

  23. India part land bangladesh and pakistan

  24. Thank you India for helping Bangladesh

  25. we donot hate eachother.we learn peace through islam.

  26. Nope, I'm Bangladeshi and my bf is Pakistani

  27. ,🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  28. Sudipa says:

    Why do Pakistan and Bangladesh hate India?

  29. this video is misleading and not based on facts

  30. I just wanna say to that guy Just Shut Up if you don't know Anything

  31. They say that they were forced to speak Urdu Don't they know that all of Pakistan was Doing This (Urdu as official language) We pathans have pashto , Sindhi have sindhi , Balochistan have Balochi ,punjab have punjabi . But We accepted it…Urdu Why they couldn't 🤨

  32. I love bangladesh from pakistan

  33. Is me jo kuch bhi btaya hai sab jhoot he. Ye sirf hinduon ki chaal thi jise pakistan ka naam de ker use alag ker dia. Or bangalion ko sachaai se door rakha

  34. We love every country… from Bd

  35. The background music is noisy

  36. I am from Bangladesh and my team won who is in Pakistan you are going down because 4 people was helping us but sadly they died :C that 4 people we will all remember in life and those 4 people fight for own language I forgot there name but they was so grateful for everything they did for our language so we will do the same Bangladesh because they are not alive any more

  37. Progressive peace loving non political Pakistanis are decent people. The problem is the military, religious and political Pakistanis – they are not to be trusted.

  38. Abu Sayed says:

    I'm a bengali and i'm confused on why all my bengali brothers being so generous to Pakistanis in the comment section…Did you forget that Pakistan raped our mothers and sisters in the 1971 war and killed our students…They also Mass murders our innocent civilians

  39. IJust Rage says:

    I'm Pakistani 🇵🇰 and I love Bangladeshis 🇧🇩 ❤❤

  40. Aisha Omar says:

    Shutup man you white people need to mind your business always in other countries business

  41. -- says:

    where do u get ur info

  42. -- says:

    pakistanis did nowt to da bengalis

  43. we dont hate each other

  44. laiba noor says:

    Totally wrong….. No matter what…. Pakistan and Bangladesh are each other's complementary parts💞 …we'll always be connected no matter what the good for nothing India keeps on doing……. its cheap actions😑😑

  45. We love Pakistan… From Bangladesh

  46. No hate between bangladash and us

  47. I am from Pakistan & we Love Bangladesh

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