Why This Girl Is Making a TRAVEL SHOW about PAKISTAN

This is the first English-language, interactive, social media travel show about Pakistan. It’s an idea I had been working on for many months -- and finally I get to bring it to life! A huge thank you to my incredible social media family, talented team and, of course, Jazz, for enabling me to take this journey.

In the following 7 episodes, I will be taking you on a tour of Balochistan and Sindh (including and beyond Karachi!). Episodes come out every 5 days at 8 p.m. Pakistan Time. See you there 😘

Follow the adventures, photos and Behind-the-Scenes on my Instagram channel:

You can also watch these episodes on Jazz’s YouTube and Facebook:


35 thoughts on “Why This Girl Is Making a TRAVEL SHOW about PAKISTAN”

  1. waleed8989 says:

    Girl u really rock ❤️

  2. i love pakistan ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Liv Lysebo says:

    Pakistan is one of my favourite countries! It's such an amazing place! I hope you can visit Iceland someday!

  4. Chris Atty says:

    Eva, Well done.
    a real great pleasure to watch your channel.
    Now retired Airline Captain, in Thailand with my family.
    Flew for a Middle East Airline for 30 years.on layovers I used to Take my crew to Nizwa for Lunch, from Muscat, an interesting drive through the mountains.
    Pakistan, we never did layovers, only turn around’s, Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.
    The country and its people, are truely the Salt of the earth, and I can see how you have become captivated.
    Tell us more about Jazz and it’s mission statement, please?

  5. Gal you are the leader of bloggers in Pakistan. Thanks for good words and photos.

  6. Why are you so in love with 3rd world countries? Positivity will NEVER change a 3rd world religion.

  7. Hello I am safeer I watching your videos amazing you explore Pakistan next tour you go Pakistan Afghanistan border Landi kotal and north Waziristan take care

  8. You are like the ambassador of Pakistan. May Allah bless you

  9. You are better than Sam Kolder i must admit. Would love to see you here in Pakistan again. Stay blessed.

  10. M Amin says:

    Thanks eva for showing real Pakistan

  11. I'm from Pakistan eva. I'm with you in also going to make a you tube channel on this topic . I'll show my real Pakistan to world:) good luck for you;)

  12. Had a wish to see you one day ❤️ much love from Pak Lahore

  13. Eva u r a famous celebrity in pakistan …thanks for showing the world what we are…becz international media show just bad image

  14. i think she explored our culture and beauty better thn anyone ….love ur videos

  15. bowrudder says:

    Pakistan. Is that the country that bans David Woods videos?

  16. You should visit Lahore too you’d love it!

  17. I live 7 year in pakistan but now i live in german 6 year and i must cry to see my Country.😭 Why pakistan you are so beauty i miss all the Part of my femily (Cousin all )

  18. What if you weren't there? I would not notice you as well as other people who visited you not the first time here

  19. I agree with you Eva. Today I have seen your videos for the first time. I am very impressed. I love Pakistan. I am with you!

  20. pata nahi English bolnay say meri paslio mein dard kion hota hai ?

  21. You are so gorgeous and wonderful, thank you for all the beauty you bring to us!❤️❤️❤️

  22. Billy Bill says:

    Why this girl is making a travel show about Pakistan.



  24. Naeem pk says:

    Love u form Pakistan 🇵🇰

  25. this girl need an medal name imtiaz

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